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May 29, 2019

White-Washed Side Tables & Volterra, Italy (Twilight Series)

Thank you, Stephenie Meyer, for writing about Volterra- because it’s completely magical! After we left Rome we took a one day detour to check out Voltarra. We stayed at a quaint B&B where the host assured us, everything there was in true Tuscan style. 🌟 

January 27, 2015

DIY Fabric Softener +Printable

Hola, my earth friendly DIY'ers! After inventing an all natural wood stain, I started thinking about other products I could improve upon, things that would be kinder to Mother Earth. Here in Utah, we suffer with hard water issues because our H20 is way mineral rich. When I lived in Boston, laundry detergent was a constant source of grey water. 

June 23, 2014

DIY Window Cleaning Solution

It's the third Monday in June, that means I'm sharing our DIY recipe for the month! I've been using this recipe for DIY Window Cleaning Solution for many years now- in fact, I think it's superior to the stuff you can buy and it's easy to make! In less than 5 minutes and with only three ingredients, you can make DIY Glass Cleaner yourself.

May 12, 2014

Easy DIY Spray Starch & $200 Giveaway

Simplifying your Life via Home Care

I partnered with several bloggers and to bring you a simple home care recipe AND a $200 Giveaway!! I love to live healthily, but I hate a bunch of extra work to make that happen. Do you know what I mean? I want living well to be effortless, and I believe DIY cleaning recipes are. By the time you go to the store and buy a cleaner, you could have made your own and used it! 

April 13, 2014

Cutting Board Care

A long, long, time ago... well, maybe not that long ago, probably in 2006, my husband decided he wanted to make me an elaborate jewelry box for my birthday. He got online and looked for kits and somewhere along the way, he decided he could make it himself. His brother is a high-end cabinetmaker, so Zack went down to his shop to make a blueprint. Somewhere along this carpentry journey, my husband realized that he actually had zero ability to make the jewelry box. Instead, his brother Kyle helped him make something more inline with his skill set, and thus, I have these custom cherry cutting boards. Believe it or not, I actually like these cutting boards way more than a jewelry box. These gems get used way more frequently, but you actually have to maintain them. Read on for the tutorial. 

March 17, 2014

DIY All-Natural, All-Purpose Cleaner

Green! Green! Green! 
That's what this world is boiling down too! And thank goodness for that, tomorrow is St. Patrick's day and I don't want to get pinched. So here's the deal, I find St. Patrick's day incredibly amusing. As many of you know, I'm from New England and we LOVE St. Patrick's day! 
We have a huge parade, we die the bay green, we wear funny green hats, we chase leprechauns, we find pots of gold at the end of rainbows. We pretty much roll out the green rug and give green hugs. 

February 17, 2014

DIY Air Freshener Replacement

As many of you know I am a full-time MBA program and I have recently invented a wood stain. I've decided to start posting more of those adventures so this will be the beginning of my business world. I'll begin with what my product is. My product is incredibly unique. You take normal looking wood, dip and let it dry. Once it dries it has an incredible weathered drift reclaimed look.

January 23, 2014

DIY Hairspray ▪ Simple, Natural, Easy

I know, this sounds crazy, but did you know you can make your own hairspray??!! I know, I know- this is not something you would normally think to DIY, but alcohol is NOT great for our hair and now you have an alternative. 

November 19, 2013

Super Easy & Amazing DIY Laundry Detergent

Holy freaking crap! Did you know you can save a butt load of dough mixing a few ingredients with your laundry detergent? Oh yeah, it's true girl friends! There are a few things in this world that make me laugh just like the Pillsbury dough boy-- and numero uno is saving dough! 

October 14, 2013

DIY Dove Body Wash

How to DIY Body Wash via from Gardners 2 Bergers

Hello DIY land! Today I honor Dove (No, this is not a paid post.) Dove is a product that you can shape, mold, scrape, suds, wear, tear, sculpt, and do pretty much anything you like with. Today, I honor you, great white bar of Dove. I have heard you pleas of loneliness and I have answered with a companion. I call it, body wash and here is its ode. 

June 24, 2013

➷ DIY OxyClean Recipe + Printable Recipe & Label ➹

Yo! My husband was watching Rocky last night and saying, "Yo Adrianne!" over and over again, repeatedly. I'm not sure why, but anytime he gets into one of "those 'key word' moods," as he calls them, I buy everything he sells. 

When he gets and my throat is dry, I shout, "Yo! Rocky, I'm thirsty," and he gets me water. If I'm up and he shouts, "Yo Adrianne, I'm hungry!" I get him food. I imagine if anyone were to walk in on this spectacle, they would laugh themselves silly! Or they may be just incredibly confused. A little while back, Zack got me watching that commercial where the guy is interviewing for a job and has a stain on his shirt. If you haven't seen it, well you should!
This one is also super funny too- seriously,
->> don't worry, this all comes together in a minute.
Anyways, whenever we go out to eat Zackers has a this confounded way of getting something on his shirt every. single. time. I don't know how he manages to do it?? But it's so frequent, now he bends the shirt and makes the stain scream-talk while he talks to me. It's super funny! But when we get home, that stain has got to come out. 
I know many of you probably use OxyClean, but at the rate I use the stuff I needed to make my own. Did you know you could do that? 
All you need is a 4 things, which you most likely have at your home.  

▲  Materials ▲  ↴

 ➲ Hydrogen Peroxide ⫿ ➲ Baking Soda or Washing Soda ⫿ ➲ Water ⫿ ➲ Spray Bottle

▲  Tools ▲  ↴

⫿ ➲ Measuring Cup, Whisk
And no this is not a paid post for either Tide or Arm and Hammer- that's just what we're using today, promise. 
I've written up the formula for you a few ways, on a pic so you can pin it or whatever you need. I also gave you a digital copy of the label I made and use. Just drag it onto your desktop, or go ▻ here to download it. I added the recipe right to it, that way I can remember what I need, without pulling open the computer.
Once you have everything, just mix it up. I used a whisk this last time and I liked how it turned out to I added that to your list. All you do is combine all three wet ingredients very well. I read that washing soda does a better job on laundry due to a higher pH or something. I just baking soda because I have like 9 million and 3 of them in the house. 
The ingredients will look something like this, with a little more bubbling in real life. But you get my drift. You can use this mixture as a laundry pre-treater or just add it to a load. Just use a couple tablespoons for pretreating stains, like Zack's shirts, and add a cup of DIY OxyClean to each load. I usually make a couple batches of this stuff at once, cause around here, we need it!

I added links to some of my similar posts, in case you're looking to make more of your own Cleaning Products or maybe just want more Free Printables!

▲ For more Printables  ↴  ▲


▲ & For more Cleaning Supply Recipes ↴  ▲



Here's the recap- an easy peasy way to DIY a cleaner ->

Tell me, do you have the same troubles with stains? 
Does your husband repeat movie catch phrases until he gets you to say them?
 photo 2fc9bcc8-3007-4b83-a06b-544496708353.jpg

June 28, 2012

➷ Homemade Vanilla Extract + Printable ➹

I had an interesting morning yesterday. It all started at 11am, when I got a call from my hubby, Z.
"I feel so dirty," he shouted into the phone before I could even say "Hello?" Surprised, my eyebrows raised and I could feel my eyes widen with fear, before he clarified with, "I just bought a big bottle of Brandy from the liquor store!" I waited a moment more, a smile pressing on my lips. "I've never bought liquor," he shouted. Now I'm laughing, I waited for his rantings to end. But then I learn that my husband, who served 6 years in the Marines, has never walked into a liquor store and purchased anything alcoholic, especially not hard booze.
It was no surprise to me {or anyone else with a heartbeat} when he explained how strangely everyone looked at him as he picked up the large, brandy bottle, all hunched over it, checking over his shoulder nervously, as he shouted at the clerk, "HERE'S MY ID!!!" Simultaneously he presses his thick, black-rimmed, "crazy man" glasses back up his nose.

Apparently the clerk checked it, as the "Hunchback of Berger Dame," snatched the brown, paper bagged bottle up, HISSED, and scurried out of the store. Pressing my number on auto dial, he was shouting, "I FEEL SO DIRTY," running to the Jeep. Ah... my hubby! Step back ladies, he's all mine;-) Such. A. Ham. 
Anyway, it's not my usual post day- but I thought I'd share the little gift I'd just whipped up. The idea's not unique- I saw pics all over Pinterest at Christmas time- but I thought I'd share my version along with some labels I made- for YOU. 

What You Need: 
Brandy or Vodka
Funky Bottles
Vanilla Beans- I found mine through Amazon

Making the extract is beyond easy. Some tutorials say to cut open the bean, while others say to just throw them in whole. The flavor is in the seeds, inside the bean- So I guess, do what you think is best.

 I kept mine whole. For my bottles, I put a few beans in each one. Fill the rest of the bottle with brandy or vodka. I heard brandy will taste better- so I went with that.
The mixture needs to cure or set for about 6 weeks {or more} before the rich bean's flavor will extract. Use it before that and you'll just be getting drunk! ;-)
 Store the bottles in a cool and dark place, like a closet, while it brews. Which is also a funny story, because as we closed the closet door, my panicked husband threw his hands up in the air and said, "Great, now were closet drinkers." I bit my lip trying not to laugh, but then he chased that with (no pun intended), "It's such a slippery slope." I couldn't help it, I lost it and laughed so hard my ribs hurt.

I found a few downloadable labels online, then adapted one into what I wanted.  
You can PRINT YOUR OWN, if you want to!

I added a "to" & "from" section on the label for those of you giving them as gifts- like me. If you don't need that part- just cut on the line instead, leaving that section out. I think these make super gifts- that's probably why they were all over Pinterest! {hee, hee}
One of the reasons this is also a great DIY and present is that the beans are reusable. They will actually keep for years! When your bottle is 1/3 full, you can add some more alcohol and keep an ongoing supply. 
It's basically a 1 time cost. Because of this and that we are giving them away, I invested in some gourmet vanilla beans. Pretty sweet, huh? 
*I made sure to add the directions for refilling onto the label- that way recipients know exactly what they're getting and what to do with it.

My little grandma is back in town- so I'm having a great week showing her the sights and playing lots of Scrabble. 

If you live here in Utah- make sure you check out the dinner that Lindsay {Southern Lovely} and I have put together. Tons of great sponsors have don't FREE SWAG for the attendees!! {YAY!} 
I hope YOU can come!!

November 3, 2011

✥ DIY ▪West Elm▪ Tree Stump Table ✥

I've seen these tables around the Internet for awhile and I loooove them! I would probably put two in my living room if there were space for them. I've seen painted and stained versions. But the one I'm hacking is from West Elm. I love it so much, from the stump, to the rug to the cool chair. {Doesn't it look a lot like an "inspiration" chair from my classifieds search?}
I kept an eye out for tree stumps for ever months! If you get a newly cut stump, it needs to dry out for a few months. After it's dried out the bark will come off. If you get one that's been cut for awhile, then you need to make sure it's not bug infested! {eek!} 
So that's why it took so long, trying to make sure it was tall enough, wide enough, old enough, but not too old or too short, etc.


 Clean'er up! Z and I sprayed pest control all over it for several days {some homemade stuff I whipped up, another post, for another day.} We left it outside to try while it simultaneously repelled pests. Then I washed it down to remove any residue.


The sides were the easy part, I just used a palm sander and some 80 grit sandpaper, then 180, then 320. Unfortunately, the top was cut a little uneven. I don't have a circular sanded so I improvised.  I added a sanding disk to my drill and it worked like a charm. Isn't she so pretty! Love, love the gray undertones in the worn wood!


I used a homemade stain made from White Distilled Vinegar and Steel Wool pad. Just let the mixture sit for a couple days outside, it doesn't smell pretty. I didn't measure, I just stuffed a steel wool pad into the bottom half of my vinegar bottle (bottle was .5 gallon.)


Wearing gloves, I ragged the mixture on, moving in the direction of the wood grain.
You can see what it looks like, as I'm wiping, the color is forming. The stain is a stinky, gray liquid. It's very easy to work with, easier than "real" stains, I think. When dry it looked like this. I was kind of shocked. I thought it would be a lot grayer in color. So, I started Googling and found this stain reacts differently with different trees. {whoops!}
I have no idea what tree my stump was from.
But the stain turned sort of reddish.

Third & Fourth {again!}

I lived with it for 1 whole day, before I made a new stain.This time I used Apple Cider Vinegar, the all knowing Internet said it would turn the wood grayish. I used the same process, just threw the wool right in the vinegar, sanded the stump super lightly, and reapplied the mixture.

You can see where I made hash marks on the stump there's almost a line down the middle, showing you the different colors that the 2 stains turn. Isn't it funny that the white vinegar turns reddish and the red vinegar turns wood gray?

I was kinda petrified to do the new stain right on top of the old, but I figured  could always sand it. {again} The new color is just perfect, a tan and gray mixture! I am so glad I tried again. 

Since I was already playing around with it, I tried two more experiments staining the wood.

  1. I also sprayed some clear sealer on, just to see what would happen. It made the wood look a little yellow.
  2.  I also brewed some Tea to stain the wood. Tea has tannic acid in it, a chemical that reacts with the vinegar
  3. I read a few different tutorials and some said to apply the tea 1st, let it dry, then brush on the vinegar; while others said to do the opposite.
  4. I just brushed some tea over the vinegar that I had put on the stump days before. I was shocked how dark it tuned! I tried to give you guys a picture of the different results.

Thanks for checking out my new table!!  Have you guys made one of these? Are you planning to now that you've seen my beauty? lol  I wouldn't blame you cuz I love it!

Disclaimers: I've heard this stain will keep long term. That's awesome, but I probably wouldn't keep it a plastic bottle, like the one I used to mix my stain. Make sure you poke a hole in the lid, to let the fumes escape! As always, I'm telling you all how I did this project, but I'm not a furniture professional or a scientist- so wear gloves and follow along at your own risk. Although I didn't have any problems and haven't heard of anyone having them either.
I'm also linked up here.

June 20, 2011

Cleaning Supply Recipes & Printable Labels

This would be the 3rd post with all-natural, homemade cleaning supply recipes. But this time, I'm also posting a collection of downloadable labels for them. {yay} If you missed the other cleaning suply posts, you should definitely check the out. I posted quite a few recipes for all types of cleaners. You can click here for Part 1 and here for Part 2.

For the first label source, head over to Making Chicken Salad and grab these cuties for glass cleaner, soft scrub, counter cleaner, and powder cleaner. She even provides you with recipes for these four cleaners, but hopefully you've been grabbing the ones I've been posting and will only need the one for soft scrub. Here's my soft scrub recipe and she has another option posted!

Soft Scrub for Fixtures:

  • ½ c. Baking Soda
  • Castile Soap
  • 10 drops of Antibacterial Essential Oil (optional)
Add enough Castile soap until you have a frosting-like consistency
Scrub, then rinse with water

I have to say these labels from Vinnie Pearce are my personal favorite. I heart them and will printing these off pronto! 
From this site you get labels for all purpose cleaner and carpet refresher- perfect to go with the recipes I've already given you. But I snagged this recipe for lemon dusters, from Wendy at Wendyl's Green Goddess, I wanted to make sure you guys had one handy.

Lemon Dusters 
  • 1/2 c. Water
  •  1/2 c. White Vinegar
  • 3-4 Lemons 
  • 6 drops Lemon Essential Oil
  • 6-8 pieces of Cloth to be used for dusting
Mix equal parts water and white vinegar in a bowl
Add essential oil a and soak dusters until they're damp 
Peel the rind of lemons and lay a few on each piece of cloth
Roll clothes lengthwise then roll that into a ball
Use as needed

How cute are these next labels?! They are from the unceasingly creative Martha Stewart
Are you surprised? You should have all the recipes you need for this one, especially with the clever- but vague- label titles.

I really like these labels- my only wish would be more of them! I bet you could print some blank ones and write in your own name. We have the Darling Octopus to thank for these guys.

Next we have laundry soap labels from Yum Universe. These are fantastically cute AND she offers them to us in 12 colors! Count them, 12! Uhh, thank you! I know I gave you guys a recipe or two for dry laundry soap, but in order to do these cute labels justice I thought I'd share my liquid detergent recipe as well. Be warned! It is not as easy as the other one!

Liquid Landry Detergent

  • 3 pints Water
  • 1/3 bar Fels Naptha Soap {grated}
  • ½ c. Washing Soda
  • ½ c. Borax
  • 2 gallon bucket
  • 1 quart hot Water

Mix soap in saucepan with 3 pints of water. Heat on low until dissolved. 
Stir in soda and borax until thickened. 
Remove from heat. Add 1 quart hot water to bucket, then soap mixture, mix well. 
Fill rest of bucket with hot water, mix and let sit for 24 hours. Use ½ c. per laundry load.

These next ones are not a download (*darn). But they are just lovely! So, for all those of you out there who own Cricuts, and the like, now you have some inspiration! Get on it and make your labels!

I'm pretty sure this goes to show our labels can be cute, even if they're just on cleaning supplies. I for one enjoy looking at beautiful things, even when it's while reaching for the toilet bowl fact, maybe a little but more then!

Make sure you check out my other posts, so you can bulk up your cleaning supply recipe lists!
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Oxyclean DIY Recipe