February 17, 2014

DIY Air Freshener Replacement

As many of you know I am a full-time MBA program and I have recently invented a wood stain. I've decided to start posting more of those adventures so this will be the beginning of my business world. I'll begin with what my product is. My product is incredibly unique. You take normal looking wood, dip and let it dry. Once it dries it has an incredible weathered drift reclaimed look.

I'll tell more, but rather than info dump, I thought I'd share a little more of my world with you all. Thanks for caring about my life outside of the blog, that's why you guys are the very best! Please feel free to ask any questions about what I'm doing and where this all going.

This project is an easy DIY, but don't you sometimes think those are the very best!? Me too, seriously! This easy DIY will save you anywhere from $3.50-$7 every two weeks! That's a yearly saving of $375-$756 a year! Pretty sweet, right? I've done this little project for a couple months before posting it, just to make sure I knew what I was doing and I'm glad I did, because there are a couple of important tricks to getting it right, which I will share with you below! 

You can DIY your Air Freshener Replacement by:
  1. Extract the wick with pliers. *Make sure the wick is at least damp, or else it may break. You will have to pull pretty hard, to overcome the wide part of the wick (the arrow points to it.)
  2. Add 5-10 drops of assorted Essential Oils, depending on your taste.
  3. Fill air freshener with water
  4. Reinsert wick using pliers and pushing hard to overcome the wide part of the wick.

That's all there is to it! Isn't it fabulous! now you can save hundreds of dollars, with almost no effort or fuss involved! I've founds some excellent combinations of oils, that smell so very yummy! You can find recipes by Jill at the Prairie Homestead, my favorites are lemon, rosemary and lavender for the laundry room and orange, peppermint (and  I add lemon) for the kitchen.

I am so excited to be back this week with a fun blog announcement and an additional post! 

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