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    Hi! My name is Becca and I am a color artist. Seven years ago, I took an eye exam for glasses. The doctor was so impressed with my ability to identify color, he had me take several more tests. I was finally diagnosed with "tetrachromacy." That means I have four cones in my eyes, rather than three. It also means I see up to 100's of millions of colors, rather than the million most people see.

    My husband, Zack, and I met in Hawaii and got married in our undergrad programs way back in 2001. He is a fabulously talented writer (Harvest Moon!), actor (#WindTalkers), and businessman (#MBA!) 

My mission is to find the most beautiful colors and bring them to you! What I've learned since I got my MBA and started  my first company, WeatherwoodWeatherwood is a ground-breaking reactive stain with zero offlet. People loved it but architects, designers, and contractors kept asking us for wood products that were "ready-to-go." 

So we launched Dingewood! It's for all your pre-finished wood needs, that means ready-to-go furniture, wood floors, siding, beams, and paneling. You can even order Dingewood through Home Depot

    Zack and I launched our businesses Internationally in 2019. We moved to Italy for a year and a half and traveled the Italian boot from bottom to top, that's Sicilia a Milano, or Sicily to Milan and everything in between! 

      We learned everything we could about color, including the locations to the best pigments in the world! After Italy we traveled the to France, Belgium, Netherlands, and the United Kingdom talking about our earth-friendly coatings. 

        From there you can see the birth of Weatherwash, The Wall Paint, The Furniture Paint, and The Wood Stain! I have a passion for coatings and a bigger passion for color. I will be applying my color art to fashion and my passion for clothing, next!

We hope to see you again, soon. 

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Zack and I covering the Venice Film Festival.