June 24, 2013

➷ DIY OxyClean Recipe + Printable Recipe & Label ➹

Yo! My husband was watching Rocky last night and saying, "Yo Adrianne!" over and over again, repeatedly. I'm not sure why, but anytime he gets into one of "those 'key word' moods," as he calls them, I buy everything he sells. 

When he gets and my throat is dry, I shout, "Yo! Rocky, I'm thirsty," and he gets me water. If I'm up and he shouts, "Yo Adrianne, I'm hungry!" I get him food. I imagine if anyone were to walk in on this spectacle, they would laugh themselves silly! Or they may be just incredibly confused. A little while back, Zack got me watching that commercial where the guy is interviewing for a job and has a stain on his shirt. If you haven't seen it, well you should!
This one is also super funny too- seriously,
->> don't worry, this all comes together in a minute.
Anyways, whenever we go out to eat Zackers has a this confounded way of getting something on his shirt every. single. time. I don't know how he manages to do it?? But it's so frequent, now he bends the shirt and makes the stain scream-talk while he talks to me. It's super funny! But when we get home, that stain has got to come out. 
I know many of you probably use OxyClean, but at the rate I use the stuff I needed to make my own. Did you know you could do that? 
All you need is a 4 things, which you most likely have at your home.  

▲  Materials ▲  ↴

 ➲ Hydrogen Peroxide ⫿ ➲ Baking Soda or Washing Soda ⫿ ➲ Water ⫿ ➲ Spray Bottle

▲  Tools ▲  ↴

⫿ ➲ Measuring Cup, Whisk
And no this is not a paid post for either Tide or Arm and Hammer- that's just what we're using today, promise. 
I've written up the formula for you a few ways, on a pic so you can pin it or whatever you need. I also gave you a digital copy of the label I made and use. Just drag it onto your desktop, or go ▻ here to download it. I added the recipe right to it, that way I can remember what I need, without pulling open the computer.
Once you have everything, just mix it up. I used a whisk this last time and I liked how it turned out to I added that to your list. All you do is combine all three wet ingredients very well. I read that washing soda does a better job on laundry due to a higher pH or something. I just baking soda because I have like 9 million and 3 of them in the house. 
The ingredients will look something like this, with a little more bubbling in real life. But you get my drift. You can use this mixture as a laundry pre-treater or just add it to a load. Just use a couple tablespoons for pretreating stains, like Zack's shirts, and add a cup of DIY OxyClean to each load. I usually make a couple batches of this stuff at once, cause around here, we need it!

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Here's the recap- an easy peasy way to DIY a cleaner ->

Tell me, do you have the same troubles with stains? 
Does your husband repeat movie catch phrases until he gets you to say them?
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  1. Any idea how long this will keep? I know peroxide will lose it's strength if exposed to light. I don't get a lot of stains, unlike your husband, so won't use it very fast. Maybe I should just mix it each time I need to use it.


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