May 29, 2019

White-Washed Side Tables & Volterra, Italy (Twilight Series)

Thank you, Stephenie Meyer, for writing about Volterra- because it’s completely magical! After we left Rome we took a one day detour to check out Voltarra. We stayed at a quaint B&B where the host assured us, everything there was in true Tuscan style. πŸŒŸ 

The town of Volterra is ancient and quaint, nestled in the Tuscany hills. The buildings are from the Normans, so much newer than what we have been used to in Rome. The houses went from terracotta coloured to  Sienna brown.It very much looks like a Midevil village in the middle of the Tuscany hills. \

And a mountaintop sunset in Tuscany is beyond words. πŸŒ… It’s the same colors you’ll see in Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel ceiling. Completely breathtaking. 

I've always loved the white-washed look for furniture. This year it's super hot over raw wood. This project would work on any wood species. Ready?


  • 2 clean, lint free rags
  • Gloves


Now, to get that Scandinavian, white-washed look, you'll want to use the white maintenance oil topcoat. 

Use one rag to apply oil to the wood's surface, working boards by board or in 10-12 inch sections. 
Wipe off excess oil in 5-10 min with new clean rag. Keep working in sections, applying with one rag and wiping with the other. You can see how this looks in the below video.

3.] REPEAT (optl.)
You can apply up to three coats of maintenance oil. Each coat will continue to lighten the finished product. 
4.] DRY
Allow maintenance oil to cure 24-48 hours. 5.] TOPCOAT Seal with VARNISH TOPCOAT to protect the look for a maintenance free finished product. You can use White Maintenance Oil on your furniture or any other raw wood surface. It's an absolutely beautiful finish and very commonly used on floors. It's provides about the amount of protection as furniture wax, so I recommend sealing furniture with Varnish to further protect. 

Achieve the Scandinavian, White Oiled Look

Achieve the Scandinavian, White Oiled Look with #weatherwood

You can totally use this product on larger projects. If you're picturing this on your hardwoods, like in the home tour above, yes! You can totally do that! You can see me applying it to hardwood floors in this video.

DIY Stain & Topcoat your Flooring tutorial with #Weatherwood

Don't forget you can save 10% on all Weatherwood products with code: WELCOME10. See you tomorrow for the party! Side note- have you noticed how awesome they've been?

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