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March 14, 2012

DIY Cardboard Letters [Paper Mache Tutorial]

So this is like a Pinterest challenge, times 2! I have been in love with this whole pic for the longest time. Not just for the ombre dresser, but also the giant B- this blog ain't called from Gardners 2 Bergers for nothin' yo!
Then I saw this pin about making your own cardboard letters with cereal boxes and paper mache! Say what!!  The "B" I was envisioning was bigger than a cereal box- I stuck the idea in my brain for later and that was that. Until, dun, dun, dun (that's supposed to be climatic music) I was in the gift wrapping isle and saw the answer- 24 inch gift boxes! Word! 
Now, here's how I made my own paper mache letter.
You can use any sturdy cardboard to make the letter. I think a thin cardboard would work better, like a quality gift box or a cereal box. I don't know for certain, but I'm guessing that a regular cardboard box wouldn't work that well. It seems more porous and I think the coats or wet paper (paper mache) would warp it- but if you try it and let me know what happens!
I drew my letters using a tupperware lid and ruler as a guide. 
Then I cut it out with an Exacto Knife. 
Using the cut out letter as a stencil I traced it on the bottom half of the box and then cut that baby out.
For the sides of the B I used the sides of the original box. I used scotch tape to attach the sides to the bottom. Then created the insides of the B the same way. Next you was to add the top of your letter and tape it on the same way. I probably used a whole roll of tape to make this secure. I wasn't sure how well it should be adhered and figured, better safe than sorry.

Next step- paper mache! I used this step by step for the paper mache. Here's what I did.

flour, water, paper (preferably newspaper), and your letter

You want to make the paper mache paste- it's equal part flour and water. I used about 1c flour and 1c water to paper mache the entire letter one time. {Are you thinking to yourself now that maybe I did it more than once? Yup- 3 times!}
Whisk the mixture until the lumps are gone. You have the consistency of pancake batter, it's OK to add a little flour or water, which ever you need, to get the right consistency. The paste will still work even if it's a little thick or thin- if it's a little thin it may saturate the cardboard too much, if it's a little thick it may take longer to dry. See the thick/thinness in this BH&G pancake batter pic? That's about how my paste looked.

I used our old phone book for the paper {recycling?} That's the type of paper that works best. You want the paper in strips from 1-2 inches. Don't cut them, instead tear them to the right size- torn edges adhere best. 
Really liked the mixture of sizes for different parts of the B. Curved portions did best with thinner strips where the flat surfaces would go faster with larger ones.

Wet the strips in the mixture, remove the excess then apply to your form. Make sure your apply the strips in a criss-crossed manner. There was no way I could apply the paper mache and take pics- and since I do all my crafty stuff at like midnight or later no one was around to play photographer!

After the whole box is covered you're done for the day- or the night like in my case. You should wait 24 hours in between paper mache coats. If you add additional layers when the bottom isn't dry then you can get mold. Eek!

So, I did 3 coats of paper mache, over the course of 3 days. It's pretty much hard as a rock at this point. If you had an easier letter, like I or J, then I'm pretty sure 2 layers would've worked fine.
I painted it with some 59 cent spray paint- it's the same stuff I used on my Z Gallerie lamp copy and the mantel clock makeover. That can has gone the distance- seriously!
I used some gray and some brown glaze- the faux glazing stuff you tint yourself {Behr Premuim Plus Faux Glaze, from Lowe's}- and kept layering until it looked like something I found instead of something I made the other day!
You can see from the side shot that the B is really sturdy and is probably 4 inches thick. I initially imagined it on the wall- but it can pretty much go anywhere since it's so thick. So now I have a 2 foot tall- giant- B!

I found these awesome book ends thrifting- they're bronze and amazing and I painted the lampshade myself awhile back. 
Have you paper mached lately? I have another project planned for paper mache clay-I can't wait to start, it'll be A-May-Zing!! Thanks for reading!

December 7, 2011

✥ Extreme Wreath Makeover ✥

 U.G L.Y. You ain't got no alibi, you ugly! That's right I said you ugly!
That pretty much sums up my feelings for my before pic. Can't you believe {dare I even say it?} that I had this up on my door, just like this last year! Aah! The shame! The horror! I have no excuse for explanation for this insanity.
The wreath was just...there, and well, I don't know-?! I just put it on my door! Ahh!

We bought a new wreath this year and the hubs was about to send this one to the dumpster graveyard, but then I figured some spray paint could NOT hurt.
{Is it even possible to have a worse after? Me thinks not.}

Anywho, I had this dollar store fruit makeover pinned, and I thought I'd give it the old college try.

I basically spray painted everything. {of course}
Gold poinsettias✒ Now Silver ✔
Weird Round Ball thingys✒ Now Silver ✔
Pine Cones✒Now either Silver or Natural ✔
Dollar Store Pears✒ Now Painted Chrome ✔
Fake Berries✒ Now White ✔

So then, I was all, "this fake greenery looks a little less fake, I think I'll out it back on my door."
AND I did just that.
But after a day or two- I started feeling rather blue.

Well, like I needed a little more blue up in here, so I pulled out my Martha Stewart Glitter and added some shine and some sparkle to the old gal. That glitter has been y best holiday purchase to date, and can I tell you I hemmed and hawed over it!? Tot-A-Lly worth it!
 This is with my front door wide open, that's why it's lining up with the gallery wall.
So now, you can just stick a fork in it, cause it's done. Well- at least I think it is. You never can tell round here.

Happy Holidays!

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December 2, 2011

✥ Snow Globe Ornament ✥

I've got another ornament for ya!
I pinned this awhile back, it's a snow globe ornament! So, so cute!
I have to use my rhino as a model, as alas, I cannot take my own picure while holding the ornaments.
 And believe me, I've tried!! {shaky, shaky}

Wanna make one?
I used clear glass ornaments from Michael's. This is a large ball, I got a box of four for 3$ {they were 50% off.} 
For the tree I used a little round bush you would buy for a Christmas village set, like for train set or whatev. I trimmed the shrub into a tree shape and trimmed the plastic base to fit into the globe, using regular scissors.
Then I used Epson Salt's for snow in the bottom of the globe and added some Martha Stewart glitter.
I added some white paint to the tips of the tree to make it look snow covered. {Although catching the detail on film may be beyond my photography skills!}

What about you all, are you pinning like crazy, or what? Have you made anything from Pinterest, latey? How about holiday crafts? 
Thanks for stopping by. 

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December 1, 2011

✥ French Christmas Carol Ornament ✥

Team Gardenberger has been working on some new ornaments this year like crazy!
It's so fun, although there may or may not have been a glitter explosion!

This one was super easy. I printed off some French sheet music, courtesy of the Graphic Fairy. Then rubbed a glue stick all over it and added some silver super fine glitter.   Once it was dry I ripped it into rows. Rolled them up, and shoved placed them gently inside.

It's my version of this infamous ornament from Pinterest. 

Stay tuned, I've there's more where that came from!! I have no idea how many I will end up with, but there's quite a few done already!!
What ornaments are you working on? How about new Christmas decorations? 
{I love the holidays!}

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November 30, 2011

✥ Anthrpologie Inspired Chevron Ornament ✥

Have you ladies seen this Anthro ornament?

SOOO cool, right? I saw this bad boy in Pinterest and knew I had to at least try to make my own! Well, I'm pretty sure you didn't look at mine and automatically think of the Anthro version. However, this is what fits my other scheme with all my other ornaments and my skill level! 
I used Martha Stewart glitter for this project {and for a zillion other ornament projects I'm working on.} 
I used a 50% coupon and got it for like 5 bucks at Joann's. P.S. Michael's and Joann's sold different colors in the prepackaged glitters sets- just in case you interested in getting your own. I preferred Joann's choices for this project. They had great blues and greens.

I worked on one color at a time and did two stripes of each shade I used, except for the green stripe in the middle. The glitter comes with a great glue- which doesn't seem to have any issues adhering to glass. I would paint 2 stripes of glue, then sprinkle on the glitter.

Let it dry for an hour- or whenever I remembered to go back to it- then start the next color.I hope you like it! What are you planning on making this year? I have a LONG list! I better get shuffelin'!

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