December 7, 2011

✥ Extreme Wreath Makeover ✥

 U.G L.Y. You ain't got no alibi, you ugly! That's right I said you ugly!
That pretty much sums up my feelings for my before pic. Can't you believe {dare I even say it?} that I had this up on my door, just like this last year! Aah! The shame! The horror! I have no excuse for explanation for this insanity.
The wreath was just...there, and well, I don't know-?! I just put it on my door! Ahh!

We bought a new wreath this year and the hubs was about to send this one to the dumpster graveyard, but then I figured some spray paint could NOT hurt.
{Is it even possible to have a worse after? Me thinks not.}

Anywho, I had this dollar store fruit makeover pinned, and I thought I'd give it the old college try.

I basically spray painted everything. {of course}
Gold poinsettias✒ Now Silver ✔
Weird Round Ball thingys✒ Now Silver ✔
Pine Cones✒Now either Silver or Natural ✔
Dollar Store Pears✒ Now Painted Chrome ✔
Fake Berries✒ Now White ✔

So then, I was all, "this fake greenery looks a little less fake, I think I'll out it back on my door."
AND I did just that.
But after a day or two- I started feeling rather blue.

Well, like I needed a little more blue up in here, so I pulled out my Martha Stewart Glitter and added some shine and some sparkle to the old gal. That glitter has been y best holiday purchase to date, and can I tell you I hemmed and hawed over it!? Tot-A-Lly worth it!
 This is with my front door wide open, that's why it's lining up with the gallery wall.
So now, you can just stick a fork in it, cause it's done. Well- at least I think it is. You never can tell round here.

Happy Holidays!

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