November 30, 2011

✥ Anthrpologie Inspired Chevron Ornament ✥

Have you ladies seen this Anthro ornament?

SOOO cool, right? I saw this bad boy in Pinterest and knew I had to at least try to make my own! Well, I'm pretty sure you didn't look at mine and automatically think of the Anthro version. However, this is what fits my other scheme with all my other ornaments and my skill level! 
I used Martha Stewart glitter for this project {and for a zillion other ornament projects I'm working on.} 
I used a 50% coupon and got it for like 5 bucks at Joann's. P.S. Michael's and Joann's sold different colors in the prepackaged glitters sets- just in case you interested in getting your own. I preferred Joann's choices for this project. They had great blues and greens.

I worked on one color at a time and did two stripes of each shade I used, except for the green stripe in the middle. The glitter comes with a great glue- which doesn't seem to have any issues adhering to glass. I would paint 2 stripes of glue, then sprinkle on the glitter.

Let it dry for an hour- or whenever I remembered to go back to it- then start the next color.I hope you like it! What are you planning on making this year? I have a LONG list! I better get shuffelin'!

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