December 1, 2011

✥ French Christmas Carol Ornament ✥

Team Gardenberger has been working on some new ornaments this year like crazy!
It's so fun, although there may or may not have been a glitter explosion!

This one was super easy. I printed off some French sheet music, courtesy of the Graphic Fairy. Then rubbed a glue stick all over it and added some silver super fine glitter.   Once it was dry I ripped it into rows. Rolled them up, and shoved placed them gently inside.

It's my version of this infamous ornament from Pinterest. 

Stay tuned, I've there's more where that came from!! I have no idea how many I will end up with, but there's quite a few done already!!
What ornaments are you working on? How about new Christmas decorations? 
{I love the holidays!}

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