December 2, 2011

✥ Snow Globe Ornament ✥

I've got another ornament for ya!
I pinned this awhile back, it's a snow globe ornament! So, so cute!
I have to use my rhino as a model, as alas, I cannot take my own picure while holding the ornaments.
 And believe me, I've tried!! {shaky, shaky}

Wanna make one?
I used clear glass ornaments from Michael's. This is a large ball, I got a box of four for 3$ {they were 50% off.} 
For the tree I used a little round bush you would buy for a Christmas village set, like for train set or whatev. I trimmed the shrub into a tree shape and trimmed the plastic base to fit into the globe, using regular scissors.
Then I used Epson Salt's for snow in the bottom of the globe and added some Martha Stewart glitter.
I added some white paint to the tips of the tree to make it look snow covered. {Although catching the detail on film may be beyond my photography skills!}

What about you all, are you pinning like crazy, or what? Have you made anything from Pinterest, latey? How about holiday crafts? 
Thanks for stopping by. 

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