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November 6, 2019

April 19, 2017

Rustic Brown "Barnwood" Siding Tutorial

Hey! This is a new stain I'm showcasing today! You're going to love the softer colors it achieves and the warmer barnwood tones. This year you'll notice that the trend moves towards gray/browns, or warmer grays. This product is perfect for that! I mean, just look at this ceiling!

December 7, 2016

Driftwood Gray Shiplap Tutorial

Hull-oh everybody! I just read Peter & Wendy by J.M. Barrie. It was such a magical and amazing story! The thing that sticks out to me the most is the way they say, "Hello." "Hull-oh." So anyways, I've been thinking happy thoughts lately and I can feel myself getting covered in the pixie dust that makes imaginations fly. But don't forget, you must think of a "happy thought" to fly. So get ready for my happy thought. 

September 2, 2015

Renovar: DIY Jewelry Holder

Renovar design Jewelry Organizer Re-Purposed from an old window and old shelf
Hi guys, I was really worried that I wasn't going to have a project for you this month. I had an unexpected surgical procedure after some random abdominal pains that wouldn't go away and several inconclusive tests. I am slowly recovering but it will take 4-6 weeks and thankfully, my husband Marco came to my rescue and helped me finish a project that I started in June to be able to come through for you guys and I couldn't be more excited to share what we did with you this month! It is another up-cycled project - I love making new things from what other people consider to be junk!

In June, while we working on our Bathroom Organization Project I had come to the decision that I was not happy with the the piece that was storing my jewelry. It wasn't my style and was cluttered and not easy to access. I wasn't sure exactly what I wanted but I knew I wanted to make something custom. I am one of those people that inspiration hits out of nowhere. Kind of randomly, while in the middle of 189 other projects and I stop mid-tracks saying SQUIRREL when I spot something or inspiration hits and change gears to implement whatever "it" is, even if it just to start it. So, in the middle of the ceiling installation that we were doing here this is what I started. I didn't want Marco to catch me (he tends to get a little frustrated when my mind goes off on a tangent as he doesn't understand this way of thinking and he definitely doesn't understand that I will not remember my inspiration if I don't drop everything and just do it at that moment - which partially explains the 452 unfinished projects we have) so the pictures may not be the best. I took a window frame that had no glass and a broken wooden country shelf thingy - you know the kind, from the 1990's and took it apart and cut it down. I married the two together using my nail gun and a few screws. It took all of 20 minutes. Then, it sat... for 2 months. In my room, staring at me day in and day out. Longing for me to finish it. Taunting me.

Renovar design Jewelry organizer phase 1

Now, this past week. I asked my wonderful, patient, kind, loving husband to help me finish the project since I knew my deadline for this post was approaching and I couldn't finish any projects while I was recovering from my surgery, without his help. He was so excited to help me he couldn't stand it!! (To be read as, really? Another project to help you with, because I already created a gallery wall and moved all the furniture for you!!) He enthusiastically reluctantly, YET lovingly, jumped in the car and went to the hardware store to get the wire mesh. We had everything else on hand. I was able to lay out the hooks the way that I wanted and mark them. Unfortunately, I was unable to pre-drill them or screw them in. Hubs did that part for me this time. Next, I painted the whole piece. Which was an easy, sit down project. I also painted the hooks since they didn't match. I used sand paper and did a light distressing as well over the entire piece.
Renovar design Jewelry organizer phase 2

Next I tried to install the wire mesh but had some pain so hubs had to help & this time he actually was okay with it because he could tell that I was in pain and didn't want me to get hurt with the mesh. It simply gets stapled on the back-side and then cut to size. Please make sure that you use gloves for safety as the edges are very sharp. Especially when you are cutting it. He started out with wire snips but as he got going, he ended up just using regular scissors because of the length of the sheers - it went a lot faster. This entire project, including paint dry time, took about an hour and a half. The only cost we incurred was approx. $8.00 for the roll of mesh that we had to purchase. We didn't even use 1/4 of the roll.Renovar design Jewelry organizer phase 3

I love how I have everything neat and organized and all my jewelry in one place. I do need to find something or make something different to fit my stud earrings. Other than that. I seriously, am totally happy with how it turned out!!

The top basket holds watches. Even though it doesn't match, I won't change it since it is a Longaberger basket and is part of a breast cancer awareness series and is over 15 years old. Then the bracelets are on the top hooks. The dangle earrings loop easily onto the mesh. The shelves can be used for anything. Perfume is shown and I actually added my ring holder. I will be using the bottom shelf for the stud earrings and then the bottom hooks have all of my necklaces. I sorted everything by color so that I can easily access all of the jewelry in the morning while dressing for work and keep them neat and organized.
Renovar design Jewelry Organizer Re-Purposed from an old window and old shelf

Well, I hope this project inspires you to be creative and to look at "junk" in a whole new way! I would love for you to follow along: InstagramFacebookPinterestTwitterGoogle +
Until next month!

March 26, 2012

✥ Reader Feature: AWEsome Farmhouse Bathroom Makeover ✥

I hope you guys had a fabulous weekend! I went to my nephew's play, the movies and also a pedicure party, I made some new friends and hung out with some old ones! Now I'm back to the daily grind- but the good news, it's also time for our feature! Yay!! I look forward to these so much and I am constantly amazed {and thankful} for the talented gals who read my blog!

I have gotten to know Karianne from Thistlewood Farm- and man is she a sweetheart! I asked her to share a before/after with us today, so she chose her delightful bathroom makeover. She wasn't blogging when they got her house- so she's short on "before" pics. But her "after" pics speak for themselves!
Karianne could have chosen any room in her house to share- no joke! Each is more fabulous than the last. Basically, she could be our feature each week for like the next two months as we check out her home room by room! It's that great. Not to mention her writing skills put me to shame! She's got a great sense of humor and I think her posts have a poetic feel to them.
You'll see...


I should have taken more before pictures.
You see, a marketing genius and I were talking recently and she told me I need “before pictures”.
Why oh why didn’t I take more?
Before I lifted a paint brush or a roller or a sander, I should have lifted my camera.

I have a few pictures.  They don’t really do the guest bathroom justice.
Why didn’t I zoom in on that shell toilet seat?
Why didn’t I know that I would have a blog and that before pictures were essential?
I mean you barely see the wallpaper….and the sink….and the faux brass towel rings.  This is not an accurate representation.
I feel like I have let us all down.
Why didn’t I take more time with the before?

Maybe because I was too focused on the after.

I wanted clean and light and bright.
So instead of photographing terrible before shots, I painted the walls.

Instead of photographing the process and journey….I hunted high and low for the perfect baskets on clearance and filled them with tea-stained flowers.
Instead of creating tutorials and step-by-step instructions, I just painted signs.

Next time I will know.
Next time I won’t be so unbelievably careless.

You can count on me.

NOTE TO SELF:  When starting a project…..

Take a plenty of before pictures of this….

…..before it turns into this.
If you want to see more before and after click here.
Thank goodness for next time!

Don't you just Karianne and her home? Now, do yourself a favor and check out Karianne's home tour. You will not regret it. As a little bonus,  two of my favorite rooms are:
Her rustic glam farmhouse kitchen, look at those glass-front cabinets - they're up to the ceiling!! Love.
 Her children's playroom- which I think looks totally Ralph Lauren-esque {and I want those chairs}!
Have a happy Monday you guys! I hope you enjoyed Karianne's home as much as I do.

March 12, 2012

✥ Reader Feature: Bay Area HOME TOUR ✥

Ohmygoodness, you guys! I have such a treat lined up for you today! I am practically bouncing out of my seat as I write this! We are ever so fortunate to get Jessica from Stay at Home-istsa to walk us through her custom built dream home! One room after another will literally WoW you! 
If it's not the view, then it's the 2 fireplaces, or the marble heaven, I mean kitchen! Wait until you see the bath- she has the marble basket weave tile flooring I {and Centsational Girl} have been dreaming about!

 When I saw this picture I knew Jessica and I were meant to be design soul mates and I couldn't follow her blog fast enough. I can't get enough of that fireplace, chaise, dear head, rainbow of books and a telescope!! Love. It. 
Well, enough about me- let's hear what she has to say about it!


Hi, I'm Jessica from Stay at Home-ista. I blog about life as a stay at home mom, which can cover a lot of bases! Mostly I focus on home design (you'll get to see the house below), food, and parenting tips like how to survive long car rides:)

When Becca asked me if I would be interested in guest posting, I jumped for joy! It has been a labor of love designing, building and now decorating this house, and I absolutely love to show it off.

My husband and I met in architecture school at Harvard, so when the opportunity presented itself to build a house of our own we jumped at the chance. Of course, that "jump" lasted 4 years from start to finish, but now that it is done, I know every detail of the house and love every bit of it. Come on in.

That's the view from our deck. The view was the main reason we bought this property, it's just stunning to wake up everyday to see the San Francisco Bay, and sunsets over the Golden Gate bridge are beyond words. Also, part of the deal of my husband agreeing to live super-close to my family was that we could have a view. There you go.


Looking down the gallery towards the kitchen.

The Living Room with my favorite fireplace and mantle. Plus the TV hangs off the wall without wires, so cool.

The Dining Room is between the living room and the kitchen (the kitchen is on the other side of those pocket doors). I love how it's in the middle of the house, so when we host a dinner party and the kids excuse themselves early, we can still keep and eye and an ear on them.

The library is right off of the kitchen and play area, very convenient for mediating any disputes that may occur. And when I need to change a diaper, I just head to the Powder Room.

You need something to make that room smell nice:)

Then upstairs...

The nursery which opens off of the upstairs loft sitting area:


I made the heart art with my daughter to brighten up the space. To the right of the awesome decal, is the master bedroom.

We finally brought a little color in with some art prints above the bed.

Oh, I could just live in the master bath. There is marble everywhere, which gives it great texture, and the three windows bring in a ton of light. Quite the way to wake up in the mornings!

Thanks for stopping by! Please come visit me at Stay at Home-ista for more!


Didn't you love it!
 Jessica is a relatively new blogger, but don't let that stop you from following her- I mean she designed that home- she is so talented!! She's in the ridiculously fun stage of decorating and I cannot wait to see what else she can come up with!