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September 2, 2015

Renovar: DIY Jewelry Holder

Renovar design Jewelry Organizer Re-Purposed from an old window and old shelf
Hi guys, I was really worried that I wasn't going to have a project for you this month. I had an unexpected surgical procedure after some random abdominal pains that wouldn't go away and several inconclusive tests. I am slowly recovering but it will take 4-6 weeks and thankfully, my husband Marco came to my rescue and helped me finish a project that I started in June to be able to come through for you guys and I couldn't be more excited to share what we did with you this month! It is another up-cycled project - I love making new things from what other people consider to be junk!

In June, while we working on our Bathroom Organization Project I had come to the decision that I was not happy with the the piece that was storing my jewelry. It wasn't my style and was cluttered and not easy to access. I wasn't sure exactly what I wanted but I knew I wanted to make something custom. I am one of those people that inspiration hits out of nowhere. Kind of randomly, while in the middle of 189 other projects and I stop mid-tracks saying SQUIRREL when I spot something or inspiration hits and change gears to implement whatever "it" is, even if it just to start it. So, in the middle of the ceiling installation that we were doing here this is what I started. I didn't want Marco to catch me (he tends to get a little frustrated when my mind goes off on a tangent as he doesn't understand this way of thinking and he definitely doesn't understand that I will not remember my inspiration if I don't drop everything and just do it at that moment - which partially explains the 452 unfinished projects we have) so the pictures may not be the best. I took a window frame that had no glass and a broken wooden country shelf thingy - you know the kind, from the 1990's and took it apart and cut it down. I married the two together using my nail gun and a few screws. It took all of 20 minutes. Then, it sat... for 2 months. In my room, staring at me day in and day out. Longing for me to finish it. Taunting me.

Renovar design Jewelry organizer phase 1

Now, this past week. I asked my wonderful, patient, kind, loving husband to help me finish the project since I knew my deadline for this post was approaching and I couldn't finish any projects while I was recovering from my surgery, without his help. He was so excited to help me he couldn't stand it!! (To be read as, really? Another project to help you with, because I already created a gallery wall and moved all the furniture for you!!) He enthusiastically reluctantly, YET lovingly, jumped in the car and went to the hardware store to get the wire mesh. We had everything else on hand. I was able to lay out the hooks the way that I wanted and mark them. Unfortunately, I was unable to pre-drill them or screw them in. Hubs did that part for me this time. Next, I painted the whole piece. Which was an easy, sit down project. I also painted the hooks since they didn't match. I used sand paper and did a light distressing as well over the entire piece.
Renovar design Jewelry organizer phase 2

Next I tried to install the wire mesh but had some pain so hubs had to help & this time he actually was okay with it because he could tell that I was in pain and didn't want me to get hurt with the mesh. It simply gets stapled on the back-side and then cut to size. Please make sure that you use gloves for safety as the edges are very sharp. Especially when you are cutting it. He started out with wire snips but as he got going, he ended up just using regular scissors because of the length of the sheers - it went a lot faster. This entire project, including paint dry time, took about an hour and a half. The only cost we incurred was approx. $8.00 for the roll of mesh that we had to purchase. We didn't even use 1/4 of the roll.Renovar design Jewelry organizer phase 3

I love how I have everything neat and organized and all my jewelry in one place. I do need to find something or make something different to fit my stud earrings. Other than that. I seriously, am totally happy with how it turned out!!

The top basket holds watches. Even though it doesn't match, I won't change it since it is a Longaberger basket and is part of a breast cancer awareness series and is over 15 years old. Then the bracelets are on the top hooks. The dangle earrings loop easily onto the mesh. The shelves can be used for anything. Perfume is shown and I actually added my ring holder. I will be using the bottom shelf for the stud earrings and then the bottom hooks have all of my necklaces. I sorted everything by color so that I can easily access all of the jewelry in the morning while dressing for work and keep them neat and organized.
Renovar design Jewelry Organizer Re-Purposed from an old window and old shelf

Well, I hope this project inspires you to be creative and to look at "junk" in a whole new way! I would love for you to follow along: InstagramFacebookPinterestTwitterGoogle +
Until next month!

March 6, 2014

Dandelion Patina Contributor Post: Table Repurposed into Planter

I'm so excited to share the second new addition to the from G2B team, it's Michelle from Dandelion Patina! She runs a darling blog  filled with creative furniture makeovers, upcycles and vintage finds! I think Michelle will add an excellent balance to what you already find here on my blog! Please welcome her...