April 19, 2017

Rustic Brown "Barnwood" Siding Tutorial

Hey! This is a new stain I'm showcasing today! You're going to love the softer colors it achieves and the warmer barnwood tones. This year you'll notice that the trend moves towards gray/browns, or warmer grays. This product is perfect for that! I mean, just look at this ceiling!


  • Alder Shiplap (to get this exact look), Similar looks with Beech, Birch, or Maple 
  • Brushes or gravity sprayer (sprayer is better for this size project)
  • Paint Thinner


[1.] SANDING ALTERNATIVE: You guys are really going to love me for this trick. It works for mist wood projects, when you're just trying to open up the grain. Obviously it's not gonna strip your cabinets for you. You just want to spray or paint the siding with paint thinner. This opens up the wood grain and prepares it to be stained the same way facial toner opens your pores.

[2.] Strain the Salvage stain and then use the gravity sprayer to drench the wood. Spray the wood
evenly, in overlapping motions, and allow the stain to air dry. (See video).

You can also use a brush to apply the stain too. Just drench the wood and allow it to air dry. A sponge brush works best. You can see in the time-lapse above that the wood literally changes color as it dries, becoming barnwood!

3] If you need help installing your shiplap, don't worry about it. I did a full  instructional SHIPLAP tutorial a few weeks back.  Download Instructions: Link

Here's a video I took in this actual space when just completed. The ceiling was complete and it was amaze balls. Well, what do you think of it? Love that kitchen, too!

You can see the 4" trim best on this photo. I gives the project a clean edge and is especially suitable for smaller projects, like a feature wall or headboard. 

It's such a trip to see the products you created, designed and sweated over end up in the store of your dreams! Let me know if you have any questions and I'll see you tomorrow for the party.

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