December 6, 2011

✥ Christmas Tree Ornament ✥

How about we paint a "happy little tree?" {Bob Ross, anyone? Don't know him, you're missing out!} This ornament was a piece a cake to make, but I couldn't resist a glittery little Christmas tree. 
Simple and beautiful!
Oh yeah, I first tried super glue to hold the glitter on the glass ornament. Super glue is not the greatest at holding onto glitter. Which, when you think about it, is really ironic since I have glued my fingers together more than once or twice with that very same glue. You'd think, "glitter? No problem." Right? You'd be wrong. It's not even that the glue dries too quickly, cause I have the kind that dries in 5 minutes.
No matter, it was at this point I realized regular old Elmer's worked just fine and is so, so much easier to work with.If you're wondering, nail polish remover takes super glue off of glass ornaments and hands when fingers and thumb are stuck together! ☺

Are you guys making your own ornaments this year? What about any other holiday crafts!?

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