December 9, 2011

✥ My Stenciled Curtains & a Cutting Edge Stencils GIVEAWAY!! ✥

Here's the curtain tutorial- if that's what you're looking for!! 
Oh, and here's the tutorial for the curtain rods, including the bay window!

Hello ladies! I've have been painting like crazy over the last few weeks. Not because the project was huge, but because of the holidays- I had to start and stop a million times. But I love what I ended up with-  6 custom curtain panels for under 100 bucks! {serious!}
Not only do I love my end product, but  I am so ridiculously stoked to tell you guys Cutting Edge Stencils has agreed to give one of my readers a Free Stencil { $50 value + free shipping!}

Cutting Edge Stencil has an awesome reputation for making both trendy and classic designs.  Most of us have seen a stenciled wall or pillow, but check out these ideas-(all gathered from Cutting Edge on FB)

 Those aren't slip covers, they're not even fabric! Did you know you could paint and stencil leather? This was done with the Marrakech Trellis Allover Stencil {and I die for that kitchen!}
 Floor Stenciling, DIY RUG using Ikat Samarkand stencil?!! Oh my completely gorgeous-ness!

The ceiling! 
The ceiling, I love it. 
This is the Allover Trellis. 

There's also some great ideas on the page, for stenciling an entryway or even a coiffured ceiling!
And a different bathroom idea, who would've thought, stencil a shower door! Seriously great idea done with the Zamira stencil!

Here's one of their newest stencils, Athena Allover.
Doesn't it look a lot like my DIY Greek Key stencil for the the drum shade fabric I made?!

Basically, I love this brand of stencil!
Because [1] they have stencils that look like almost any fabric you are in love with- so you can copy the look!

 [2] they go above and beyond to make sure us DIY-ers have awesome results by providing free instructional videos and a channel we can turn to for tips, tuts, and techniques.

I like Cutting Edge Stencils on FB because that way I can find out about all their new products, sales, and giveaways. Not to mention see all the great projects others are doing and share your own projects! {more blog exposure!!}

To WIN a $50 Credit to purchase your own Cutting Edge Stencil plus Free Shipping  {followers only please ☺}

☛ Check out Cutting Edge Wall Stencils and come back to tell me what pattern you {love!}
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Giveaway is open to USA residents only and is open until December 14th @midnight.Winner will be chosen by, I will contact them by via email and they have 2 days to write me back!

I am so excited to pick a winner! Hope you guys liked all the stencil ideas, it makes me want to start creating
I'll be back in a day or so with a tutorial for painting curtains!