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June 6, 2011

✥ Condo Cat's Backyard ✥

I really can't imagine that others will find this project helpful- but you just never know and it has been a HUGE success in our home.

First, a little background-
When Z and I were newlyweds and living in a small Hawaii apartment we got this cat- his name started out as Mother Freakin' Precious- because he was just so precious to us (and it was fun to have the Vet say it aloud.)
Now we call him Pud (no clue how that came about?) He is all things good about cats, but with none of the bad. He does not startle, he is not scared of strangers, he is not finicky, he's basically GREAT!

Everywhere else we've lived he's been an indoor cat allowed to go outside for the day. When he's not allowed out he becomes a melancholy, depressed and meows...A LOT. Sad. But we live in an area where he would be a kitty cat pancake if we let him outside so we can't. Instead, we gave him a peace offering. 

Without further adieu-Pud's condo backyard. We went to Lowe's looking for a huge planter. Something we could throw some dirt and sod into.  We ended up with the biggest barrel we could find. It was a little plain and didn't have holes for drainage- but we thought we could take care of that. We brought it home and drilled like 10 holes in the bottom. At this point we could already tell it was going to be a success. He was in kitty cat heaven!
 After a few days I decided it needed some sprucing up. I painted stripes of my favorite accent colors, using paint I already had around the house. First doing the blue and green, then the white.

I liked it, but felt it looked too perfect. I took some 220 grit sandpaper and distressed the edges. All the while Pud sat in his "backyard" while it was on the counter! Too funny! He's in love!
Honestly, we are in heaven with this project as much as he is. He never meows to go outside anymore, although he does meow to go on the deck. ;-)  He LURVES it, big time!

A Marvelous Mess
Pud was Featured!
Cherished Treasures”=

All this for under 20 bucks (bucket, sod, dirt)!

I party HERE-

March 31, 2011

Mom's Hair Cuts

When you were a child did your mom ever cut your hair? I'm talking bangs that spanned half way back your head or the bowl cut? The cut that gets shorter and shorter in an attempt to even it out? I remember all these cuts and a few more.

 Can you even believe this cut? If you look closely you can see a layer of hair below my ear where the hair poofs wildly to the right.
Like steps: bangs, layer below ear, long layer.
As a child I swore I would never do this to my own children. I promised myself and my future spawn that they're looks would be as important as my own and that I would never use their heads as a teaching tool for myself, or an experiment, or an exhibit of my laziness.

Then two days ago it happened. The boys got out of the tub and they could barely see from underneath their bangs. I grabbed some scissors and went to town.

But now I feel terrible. I broke my word. I made a promise and didn't keep it.

I told you, he really couldn't see.

Beau obviously traumatized and trying to hide it my acting like he's engrossed with his treat.
Chewy is literally crying with shame and simultaneously glaring at the camera.

Naturally I tried to justify my actions. 
They couldn't see! 
Their eyes begged me for help. 
There is no way they could look worse, I said to myself. 
I assured myself, they wanted me to do it.
"They will love it" I say to no one at all.

 I obviously tried to simultaneously assuage my guilt and buy back their love with rawhide bones. Shameless actions indeed.

But let's be honest for  moment, shall we?