February 22, 2017

DIY RH Reclaimed Gray Oak Table

Did you know that colors only come from two sources? Light and pigment. Do any of you know what the primary colors are for pigment? Red, Yellow, and Blue. And for light there are three different primary colors? Red, Green, and Blue. To understand light, look at a rainbow. To understand pigment, simply pick up a can of paint. I've decided to broaden my horizons incase you haven't noticed, I'm asking because I'm going to start manufacturing a line of wall paints. I don't know how it will happen. I don't know who will do it for me. Maybe I'll do it myself? All I really do know is that I love color and I'm going to learn everything I can about it. I'm going to make the most beautiful paint the world has ever known. So here's a question for anyone who cares to answer. Would you buy paint from a third party? If so, what colors interest you?

Back to the basics. I know you all love is what I've been doing with my stain. How much do we love the colors of Restoration Hardware? Well, you can finally have them. Easy peasy, just apply to wood and watch the magic happen! You're going to love this tutorial to easily achieve the Reclaimed Gray Oak look.



Here's the "before" of this typical, out dated oak table. There's a million of these babies floating around from the 80's and 90's. It shouldn't be too hard to get your hands on one, and at a good price. 

1.] STRIP: First you'll want to apply a thick layer of Citristrip to the table. Citristrip has a tendency to dry out before it can eat away at all the layers of stain and lacquer. So covering the wet stripper with a garbage bag helps keep the moisture in while it works.
2.] SCRAPE: When the stripper turns white, it's ready to be scraper off. Remove the bags and scrape as much of the mixture off, as you can. You'll want to try and get down ti the raw wood if you can. But being careful not to scrape or damage the wood itself. 
3.] CLEAN: You will want to wipe the table down with mineral spirits and a rag to remove any existing residue. This should remove any sticky residue from the tabletop. 
4.] SAND: Here's the labor portion. You want to use a palm sander and 80 grit sandpaper to make sure the wood is completely down to raw. 

5.] STAIN: Weatherwood released a new stain that can turn oak into a beautiful driftwood gray, called Light Oaking. This product can work on any wood, so it's less complicated than some of their other products.

6.] Optional LIGHTEN: If you want to lighten the look, you can add a coat of White Maintenance Oil. It adds the look of patina and is just generally gorgeous. Simply brush or wipe onto wood, allow to sit 3-7 minutes. Then wipe off with a clean cloth. Or you can watch the video above. 

You're going to love our newest stain. The Light Oaking is simply gorgeous and so easy to use. I'd love to see your Weatherwood projects. 

And please don't forget to give me your feedback about paint. This is going to be an amazing year!

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