April 2, 2014

Dandelion Patina: Repurposed Bead Wall Art

bead wall art

It's April! I cannot believe how times flies and it's nearly Spring! Did you pull any awesome April Fool's jokes? Zack told a friend that our dear puppers were hit by a car, but then I felt we were bringing bad karma, even to joke about it! So we quickly reversed ourselves!! I guess the joke was on me! 
The beginning means it's time to welcome Michelle from Dandelion Patina back to share her fresh repurposing style! Michelle is now filling a consignment space with all her lovely furniture and decor makeovers, you'll have to stop by!

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Happy Spring G2B readers!
Well, I think I can officially say that spring is in the air! Thank goodness, right? It has been such a long winter. As the days get longer and temperatures warm up, I am inspired to do some spring cleaning and sprucing up around the house.
At the Lepak homestead, we are still in the toy decluttering stage. I hate to admit it, but we just have way too many. I tend to purge and reintroduce toys after a month or two. This seems to work well, but the clutter never seems to go away. We are also reinventing some spaces in our home and transitioning from a toy room to a TV/game room the girls can enjoy.
wall art beads
These beads have been well loved. The girls' imaginations have created necklaces, bracelets, headbands, and rings. These colorful baubles have created many happy memories and creative projects.
How could I just give these away or pack them up for a Goodwill donation?
Repurposing them in a way to be displayed in their TV/game room was the perfect solution. Clutter is removed, but inexpensive artwork remains. It is a win-win working with what you have in your home.

color scheme inspiration

This rug is a perfect way to bring a pop of color into the kiddos TV/game room. Kids love color, so the bolder the better.

color sorting

I started by sorting the beads by color playing off of the colors of the rug in the room. Once all the squares of the printer tray were filled the holes were predrilled for the screws which would hold the plexiglass on the top. Then, measurements were taken to Lowe's. Did you know they offer services to cut your pieces? Plexiglass can be tricky to cut; so I was glad Lowe's offers this service.

wall art construction

Once the screws and plexiglass were adhered, I snipped off the heads of upholstery tacks to glue to the top of the screws. This gave the piece a more decorative finished look. Hanging brackets were installed on the back.

finished bead wall art

And there you have it, my repurposed bead wall art project. There is much more to do and I will be a busy bee, over the next few weeks, transitioning the toy room to a vibrant, fun space. I hope the girls will want to hang out in this space for many years to come.
What projects are you working on this spring?
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