April 6, 2014

DIY [Faux] Roller Map

How are you, dear friends? Life is moving at a thousand miles an hour it seems like. I've been crazy busy with Weatherwood and sales, which is great news for a start up, but bad news for travels. I was looking at a map, checking out all the places I've been with my amazing husband Zack, and though I've been all over the U.S., down through the pacific, and on over to Europe, I've really come to realize that I haven't seen much of anything. Looking at the map, I sadly admit that I have only seen 10% of what's out there. The biggest take away from this post is that life is short. If there is some place you are thinking of going, some place you may have been, there's always more to see and little time to see it.
I encourage you all to build a roll up map to pull down at your leisure so that you can see where you've been and where you are going. If you want to see where I've been and where I'm going, you can stay involved with what's happening on FB here or Twitter here. 

Now back to business, today I'm sharing a 30 minute project, how to turn a regular old map into a [Faux] Rolling Map



  1. Simple lay the map face down and use the gorilla glue to adhere the dowel to the map's top and bottom. 
  2. Once the glue is dry and the map is affixed to the dowels, wrap twine around the ends of the dowels, leaving enough slack to hang the map.
  3. Use the eye bolt act as a pull ring, by screwing it into the middle of the bottom dowel.

Cost: $11.92

This was a simple 30 minute project, perfect if you're looking for an immediate bang for your buck. I love how it looks like the real thing, without the cost. I used a new map, so my cost was a little higher, but if you you're looking for a roller map this is a good replacement.

I do love the history of an antique, but sometimes the look is good enough. What do you think? Is this is good replacement for the real thing? Or do you need the real vintage item? 
I don't think I've mentioned it, but Zack and I are graduating from the MBA in three weeks! That was the fastest two years of my life, and I'm so grateful you've all gone through it with me!!! 

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