March 30, 2014

Faux Barn Wood [Bee Lieve] Sign

Have you noticed how barn wood is popping up everywhere? I was at the, "Awful Waffle" the other day and my husband was asking me, "Why barn wood was on the wall." He often asks me this when he spots it and recently he's been asking me this a lot. It's kind of funny since I invented a wood stain that makes normal wood look like barn wood in minutes. I suppose it makes pupper's insides look like barn wood, too, since Beau dog drank a bunch of it while I wasn't looking. On his outsides he looks normal, on his insides, I bet he he's a smashing gray. Anyways, I made this [faux] barn wood sign, so that's the tute for today!



[1.] I used wide planked, 1X6x6, Dog Ear Cedar Fence Board to make my sign. it's my favorite wood for these types of projects, and I think it stains beautifully. I simply wiped on this weathering wood stain with a sponge brush.

[2.] I waited until the wood was dry and then used Titebond Ultimate Wood Glue, a recommendation from a fellow crafter. She was right, this stuff is bomb, it works like a charm. In fact, I glue the edges of the wood together and there was no wobble once dry. 

[3.] I did glue on the support pieces, but I doubt it was necessary with that glue!


[4.] Next choose your design, I used graphics found at The Graphics Fairy. Print it out.

[5.] I used this Extra Strong Spray Adhesive to attach my print out to Reynolds Freezer Paper.

[6.] Use an EX-ACTO Knife to cut the design out of the combined print out/freezer paper to create a stencil.

[7.] Peel apart your print out and freezer paper. Iron your freezer paper stencil onto your wooden boards. Use low heat and iron for 3-5 seconds.

[8.] Once adhered and cool, you can fill in the stencil with paint using a Stencil Brush. I used white paint and once it was dry, I lightly outlined letters with a fine point Sharpie Fine Point Permanent Markers and finished with a Gold Paint Pen.

Here's link to the faux chalkboard wallpaper post from a few months ago. I gave this little nook a quick and easy update and I think it added a ton of character to a formerly blank walkway. Now it feels like this little space can hold its own!

Just for fun, a close up of our sock monkey sitting below the new sign, and of course it's resting against the state pillow love I created 2 months ago. I initially made it without the red heart, like seen above, but it looked all wrong. 

I've thought about selling this sign, but I'm not sure yet. You know when you've created something for yourself, it's as though you put part of yourself into the project. I know I am running out of space in this little condo, but I may want to see this guy around for awhile. What do you think?

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