March 26, 2014

Contributor: Always Never Done |
DIY Modern Milk Glass

Hello friends, I can't believe how great it is to be posting twice a week again and I have our super rad monthly contributors to thank for it! Today I am so excited to introduce you to our third monthly contributor, Amy from Always Never Done.  Amy is a girl after my own heart, she'll basically take on any project that strikes her fancy. I love it- furniture, crafts, tutorials or home improvement, she'll tackle it all. I know you'll love her personality, too. 

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First things first, can I just say that I am beyond thrilled to be a contributor on From G2B. Hope you all enjoy my thrifty style and love for repurposing ordinary every day items into beautiful home accents. And so it begins right NOW! My first post will be dedicated to SPRING!!! Yes warm weather and bright airy colors.

I don’t know about you but I LOVE milk glass. I buy it up whenever I see it in a unique glass or pattern. However, I wanted it in an updated vase and couldn’t find one. Therefore, I made one myself.
DIY-Milk-Glass-Always-Never-Done 1

I bought a typical cylinder vase at my local craft store with a 50% off coupon. I then needed a round item to create the look of the bumps that you see on real milk glass. After scrounging through tons of aisles I found 3D Zots, a scrap booking supply, which worked incredibly well for this project. They had flat zots too but you want to make sure to get the 3D Zots.  (the Zots were $4.99 and I used a 50% off coupon on these as well.)


The first thing I did was was measured how far apart I wanted the Zots. To do this I used a vinyl measuring tape (what you might use in tailoring or sewing) so that it was flexible enough to wrap around the vase. I put a Zot at every inch but you can do as you like.  I also started about an inch and a half down from the top of the vase.

DIY-Milk-Glass-Always-Never-Done 4

I picked off the Zots and placed them every inch above my ruler marks and pressed down firmly on all sides. After one row was completed I moved onto the next with the same technique. After a few rows, I didn’t need the measuring tape anymore and could eye it up pretty accurately.

DIY-Milk-Glass-Always-Never-Done 2DIY-Milk-Glass-Always-Never-Done 3
Getting there…
After a few rows were completed I decided that I wanted the rows to be further apart as the they got to the bottom. (I just liked how this looked). So this was the result after all the Zots had been applied.
DIY-Milk-Glass-Always-Never-Done 5

DIY-Milk-Glass-Always-Never-Done 7

Next step = spray paint. Now, I actually thought the glass looked lovely clear but I was really in the mood for some spring color. Therefore, Rusto-Oleum’s Green Apple came to life.

DIY-Milk-Glass-Always-Never-Done 8

3 Coats later and she was looking beautiful and ready to set on the table!!!!

DIY Milk-Glass 2

I incorporated other milk glass pieces that I have collected over time and some colored glass to spruce up the table a bit.

DIY Milk-Glass 6
I love to use greens on my tablescapes. They are inexpensive and look gorgeous!! Don’t you agree?
DIY Milk-Glass 5
The fresh French tulips (a favorite of mine) came from a local market in town. The other plants on the table are from IKEA (they are fake…shhhhhhh!)

DIY Milk-Glass 3
DIY Milk-Glass 1
Simple project, simple table set up and inexpensive items = beautiful dining atmosphere. If you can’t find something, my motto is make it!  Grab items from around your house, throw them on the table and rearrange them until you like what you see. Happy Spring!!!