February 10, 2014

Faux Bois "Love" Drop Cloth Pillow
[ No Sew ]

Pillows are a girls best friend! It's not diamonds. Who ever thought that up? Those splendid, delicate, soft, clouds of glory catch me every time I need them too. Think I'm wrong? Think again. When a girl feels sad, she cries on her pillow. When a girl is happy, she plops down on a pillow. When a girl is angry, she buries her face in her pillow and screams at the tippy-top of her lungs. When a girl is confessing her true feelings, she's laying on a pillow. We even we have our own kiddos. Where do you put your them? That's right, on a pillow. We ladies use pillows for everything. Not even sure why they put a diamond in the center of a ring. It should be a piece of fabric from you favorite P-O-Double L---OMG-W. Am I right, or am I right? 

Last week I posted this Faux Bois -Every Day I Love You- Sign.  Would you believe I turned that same print-out into a pillow? This is my third Valentine's project, in my theme of Valentine projects you could live with all year long!!


  • Iron-On Transfers
  • Drop Cloth or Fabric
  • Spray Starch
  • Iron
  • Fabric Fuse
  • This file 


  1. Print this file onto your favorite image transfer paper. The image is already reversed and ready to go.
  2. Iron your fabric, then apply fabric fuse the the edges and form your pillow form. (I like the fabric fuse pictured because it's like a peel and stick sticker, so very easy to use!)
  3. Use med-low heat for 15-25 seconds and apply to back of transfer sheets. Then pull off sheet backing. 
  4. Starch and iron finished pillow form. 
  5. Stuff pillow and fuse final side. 

Anyways, I'm really excited to talk about is my venture adventures. I wasn't sure if I should be talking about my business idea, but I'm going to start putting posts up on what's really happening in my world. As many of you know, I invented a wood stain that takes normal wood and turns it into a reclaimed, drift looking wood. Of course, I'm confessing all of this as I'm laying on a pillow. I've got tons to tell, but for now, I just wanted to see if you guys would actually care about what's really going on. Or if I should just focus on my project posts? What are your thoughts? 

 Lastly, here's the final of the 3 Valentine's Day projects you wouldn't mind around your house every day of the year, a State Love Pillow! It's another no-sew creation, this time in burlap and felt! It was so much fun thinking of ways to add some "love" decor in a manner I could live with every day! I hope you liked them as much as I liked making them! Don't forget to share your thoughts about my business- do you want to hear about the progress and the struggles, yay or nay?

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