February 4, 2014

Faux Bois -Every Day I Love You- Sign

With Valentine's Day fast approaching, the love projects are piling up around my ears. I'm not talking about pink and red tacky decor that you want to take down the moment the big day has passed, this one purely the good stuff- decor that will work every time of year but is perfect for right now!
You may not believe it, but the inspiration for this sign came from this bad boy- you may have seen him at countless stores, like here.

You can create this look- it's pretty easy and doesn't cost a whole lot either.



  1. Cut your 1x2x8 to size 
  2. Stain your wood pieces. I used to create the look of old wood.
  3. Kinkos has transparencies and will print a color copy of this file for ~$1. 
  4. Use glue to create a wood frame and keep the frame together with painter's tape while the glue dries.
  5. Cut the transparency to size and attach to the frame with clear glue, like E600. 

Ready, set, go -> now it's your turn. Let's see your version of that super-duper cute sign. This whole thing cost me less than $8-- a wee bit better than to 70 bucks the original goes for and I got to personalize mine!!

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  1. VERY COOL! Thanks for the great directions and the printable too! You are right, this can stay up well past Valentine's Day.

    1. Thank you, dear! So very happy you like it! Hope you can use it!

  2. I love your version so much more than the original! The wood grain is amazing.

    1. Aw- thanks Korrie! You're so sweet! I know if you liked it, that I hit a homerun!!

  3. Do you ever sell your creations? I love what you make and think that my wife would love this, but not sure I have the ability to make this, or at least make it as well as you

    1. Thanks for the awesome comment, I am so flattered you liked these enough to want to purchase them! I am not in the position to see crafts right now, since I am running a wood stain business. http://www.weatherwoodstains.com/
      But these were so very easy, you could make them for 2$, I promise!! Good luck and thank you!!


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