July 19, 2013

DIY Antler Mount Tutorial

So- how many of you want a nice rack? I'm talking about a sweet pair of antlers like those you find at a yard sale or a pawn shop? When we were in Motanna last year we went to a yard sale at this tiny, crooked house. I ended up haggling with a little old woman over the price of these sweet babies. She looked like the evil witch from Snow White. She was actually quite sweet, once I refused the apple, and she cut me a great deal in these antlers.

I picked up a full rack and these sheds- which were all crisp and white; bleached out by the sun. I purchased a mounting kit from Amazon and it was a breeze to assemble and mount.

-But the thing is- once I got my new antlers finished...I  wasn't digging the natural color. It just felt too much like, well, like a dead animal....I know, I know. I should have expected that since I freakin love animals and hate...um, dead things.

Yeah. So, in the end I put a little snow on those babies, and spray painted them white. I like it so much more and they match the plaster pieces on the other side of my living room.

I was going for a worn, aged look, similar to the plaque on this Restoration Hardware mount. No one wants really old antlers from a garage sale only to have them freshly mounted, you know? So here's what I did. I sanded off most of the clear finish that came on the plaque and then when I stained it- the stain [Weatherwood] could only penetrate the wood where there wasn't any finish.

Mounting your own is super easy- anyone could do it. A few simple steps and you'll be finished in no time. Rather than hanging it like a picture, Zack went ahead and attached the plaque directly to the wall. This was it won't come crashing down when the door slams. No one needs a concussion!

I like how they fill the vaulted ceiling above the door. High ceilings rock, but they can be awkward to decorate. It's the perfect fix. Honestly though, I never thought I would be tackling a project like this one. What's the strangest DIY you've ever done?

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