July 13, 2013

[Pottery Barn Hack] Book Page Wall Art

Have you been on the Pottery Barn website lately? I have- and lo and behold, I found they were selling these goodies! There's all sorts of book page art- ranging from 59-199 buckaroos!

 Have you ever been to a restaurant and been like, "I should have just stayed home, could have totally made this food myself!?!" Well guess what, this art is exactly like that! Sorry Pottery Barn, don't waste your money on this stuff, I showed you how to make this Pottery Barn art on my page last year! 

When I made this art I was itching for something GRAPHIC- not the dirty kind---I mean black and white, maybe with some typography. To do that, I was thinking the dictionary would be the perfect back drop. I didn't want to sacrifice a book page, so I scanned the pages instead. I used books from our local library, a dictionary pages for "T" and "B."
[You know, for Typewriter and Bike?]

Once I had a clear scanned image, I saved it as a pdf. {Psst-if you need to slightly alter your dimensions, you'll be able to since you saved it as a pdf!}

If you then save your pdf as as a jpeg, then you can upload the images to Picmonkey. Which, I'm on that site pretty much every day, it's ridiculous! Once you're there, just play around with the contrast and exposure and sized the image. Once I had my "book page" looking the way I wanted- I just printed it off.

Next, I hopped over to the Graphic Fairy and grabbed some vintage looking images. Obviously you know there are a million to choose from- pick what you like and  add the images to a Word doc. Now size your image and *make sure* you use the rulers on the doc to place the image where you'd want it to end up on the final book page.

 That's it! Insert your "book page" print into the printer ad then print off your new graphic onto it. I was hoping to infuse some aged vintagy-ness into my gallery wall. You know, so everything wouldn't seem so freshly purchased and new looking.

Alright, now that you've got this tutorial, you can take the spare cash you've saved from DIY-ing this art and get yourself out for a night on the town! Live it up, go to some fantastic movie, get some delicious ice cream and...think of me and how my post helped your-hot-little-self paint the town red! ;-)
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