July 23, 2013

30+ Salvaged Barn Wood Up-Cycles

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So I've been doing a lot of research into reclaimed wood and guess what??? 
This stuff can be kinda gross

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Did you know that barns are infested with rats, bats, mice, roaches, and sometimes feral cats? Yeah! It's true! So get this, when you see someone talking about their "100 year old barn wood cabinets," consider how many vile things have urinated or defecated ----where people are putting their dishes! Or even worse, their food! Ack! Hopefully people research this and know what they're dealing with--and hopefully know to seal the wood!

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The brew I'm developing is able to match the same color as reclaimed wood, minus all the nasties that come with it. I cannot wait to show you, maybe I'll whip up a video or something? That way you can see for yourself...

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 I also can't wait to get my business cards in! The design is complete (thank you- Brita!) and the order has been placed! Yahoo! I love the feeling that things are coming together.

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Finally- in other news, I'm off to discover who and where people-are interested in an all natural wood stain!! I'm so ready to travel! Coastline here I come! :)

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