June 21, 2013

➷ 40 Ways to Pallet Art {& 90's Music} ➹

So, I had sort of a weird week. 
I was watching "Pride & Prejudice," with that chick from "Pirates of the Caribbean," K...ie....rrrr...aaa. (I can never get her first name right) Knightly, and as I'm watching this film, it dawns on me that Jane Austin wrote the book a hundred of years ago and here I am watching the film version all these decades later. 

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Maybe I've been listening to too much 90's music, but I started thinking about my life and the bigger picture, you know, the grand scheme of things. One question formed in my mind that sums up what I'm feeling:
"What mark am I going to leave on this world?"  

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I don't have kids and even if I did, a hundred years from now, who the crap is going to care about one person's life? I guarantee you that no one is going to give two whits about me, what I did, where I was, who I was with, and my point (both depressing and exciting), is that I feel something great bubbling up inside me. I can feel it swirling and pushing against whatever road blocks are in my way now. 

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Maybe it's some stroke of genius?
Something grand enough that a couple of hundreds years from now, people are going to be watching...well, watching whatever it is they watch in the future, on whatever they watch movies on in that distant future, and the greatness that's brewing inside of me will be the mark I leave behind in this big blue world. 

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Enjoy looking at all this awesome pallet art, obviously no one will be talking about this post in two hundred years, but I feel this whole blogging process is one little step in a "line upon line" step to greatness. 
Anyway, this is a preview to what I'm working on this week. What are you doing?

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  1. LOL you are funny! I'm sure if I was still around in 200 years, I'D be talking about you ;)

    Love all the art you showed here. Now I'm all inspired to create something!



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