June 17, 2013

➷Restoration Hardware Preserved Sea Fan Artwork➹

Ever listen to Mozart's "Der Hölle Rache" or "Queen of the Night?"  I was watching "Amadeus" last night and heard one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard in my life. Watch it here if you like: {here}

The way this music echoed in my mind and rang off my soul made me realize that perfection can be achieved. I think most women want to make their homes as splendid as possible, but I want more than that... I want... no... I demand perfection. 
Of course you know what I mean, right? If you do, this post will resonate with many of you, so I've included this second link, {here}. In my humble opinion, this second video is performed in absolute perfection. The music was so eloquent; I couldn't help but be inspired. 

As many of you know, I lived in Hawaii for six years and I L-O-V-E the ocean. If you haven't been, words won't do it justice, so I'll skip to the point. I wanted something that would make my room perfect and I found these sea fans that I just couldn't stop staring at. So I made several attempts to capture the splendid nature of the ocean, and then I went a step further, I put sharp frames around them to make them, perfect. I know it may not some the glimpse of perfection for many of you, but for me, it carries the simple reminder of what once was with the sharp reality of what now is. Sigh... I wish I was near the rippling blue instead of the waving brown. If any of you think this post deserves the word (perfection) feel free to pass it on. Otherwise, drop back in perhaps in the not so distant future and witness the pursuit I proudly pursue. 

Restoration Hardware sells these one of a kind Perserved Sea Fan Artwork with Grey Mat for $550 a piece, but I made mine for $25. 
Let's save $525 bucks and make ourselves a piece of art that looks exactly like the inspiration piece, what do you say? This project's so easy, you're gonna love it! 

Here's what you need:
➳You can find most of these materials at any craft store. I used Hobby Lobby for this one because they had the gray card stock I wanted. Using a coupon, I think it was 4 bucks. 
➳You should remove the glass from your frames, cut the CARD STOCK to the size of your frame and put it inside your frame.
➳You want to order your sea fans online, I bought mine for less than 15 bucks. It was mostly shipping that ran up that cost. Way, way cheaper than trying to buy them local, at least for me. 
➳1st ➳
You need some serious power to cut off the stem of the sucker, I know because I tried tons of other ways to cut it- scissors, knife, wire cutters, small saw. In the end it was a hacksaw that made an easy job of it. Can you tell how lazy I am that I just kept trying the first tool within hands reach?!

➳2nd ➳ Now, go ahead and prime and paint you fan. I used Krylon to paint mine and it worked pretty well. I tried not to use primer- but quickly learned it was a must for this one. 
➳ 3rd ➳
You need to spray the BACK of the sea fan with spray adhesive. My fans naturally laid flatter on one side over the other- I'm not sure why. So just lay it down on both and pick the flatter one.

Press it down on the mat {which is inside the frame by this point, if you followed along with the directions}. I used a bunch of heavy books to weigh down my sea fan, especially at the stem area.

That's it. So easy- right? 
I think it added a ton toward recreating the look of my high end inspiration, without the feeling of copying something. What have you made perfect this week?

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