June 4, 2013

➹10 Rad Redos: Kitchen Table Makeovers➷

Today, I had the craziest idea. I walked past my table and thought, “You are not the beauty I once thought you were.” To be fair, I found this table amongst many tables I longed for back in '04. It was tall, in a line of tall tables, but it stood higher than the rest. If it had a chin, it would have held it high, but these days it just seems to be too stinkin tall, too dark, too old. 

I thought about the different things I could do with it, but I just wasn’t certain. So, I did what most gals do when strapped for insight- I turned to Pinterest & my bloggy friends for some inspiration... 

and viola, I’m inspired! I think the last two are my favorites! With a little help from one of these redos, I may find a way to make my table hold its head high again. I smell I project coming on...
In the meantime, I'll be down in the trenches, planning, blueprinting, and designing this sucker, doing what it takes to make my table what it once was. Who knows? Maybe my table could actually tell me, “hat Willias was talkin’ bout,” if it could just find its voice again. 

Thanks for reading, wps (will post soon).
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