June 10, 2013

➹Come and Walk Down my Hall [room reveal]➴

So, awhile ago, I made some knock off eye charts. For those of you that didn't get a chance to see them, here they are for your viewing pleasure. Go ahead, try to read the last line, I bet you can't do it! Seriously, go for it! Ok, if you can read it, cover up your right eye, how about now? Cover up your left eye, how about now... okay, if you passed that, you're some sort of a freak! I originally mimicked Restoration Hardware's {exorbitantly priced} art. Well, if you glance down the hall, you can take in all the glory of my master bed room.
I love this little walk down my hall, because it's like a little piece of me that makes it mine! All mine! This tiny space I had to fight for ;-) Sorry, that's the Irish girl coming out in me... ta he... 
Come on down my hall, lets take a trip Mr. Roger's style. I am not sure what some of you might see, but this is a stroll down crafting memory lane for me. Why, just look at this comfy, padded headboard that was one of my very first projects. 

On the right bedside table I have one of my favorite easy projects. It's another Restoration Hardware knock off, subway art of all my favorite hang out spots in my hometown- Boston. It's right next to a pair of new lamps I got on sale at Staples (of all places!). I was there for some more industrial prints- I use them to make art pieces- and found these swing arms lamps as well.

When I hop into bed each night, I throw my favorite union jack pillow with the sweet little ruffles that I sewed glued on myself onto the floor and fall fast asleep underneath some Anthro knock off, faux zinc letters. 
And on our dresser, three more projects- my upcycled bee lampshade, my faux zinc mirror and one final eye chart project. Sigh... I love not paying full price, it puts a girl right to sleep. 
➷ ➹via
Does anyone remember my inspiration pic from way back when? I love the color scheme. It makes the room feel so warm - but it was a little too stuffy for me. 
The icing on the cake, some new ikea pillow cases. Have you been there lately, I got these babies for 5 bucks a piece and that makes them nearly perfect. I couldn't be happier- I mean a good deal, that matches my space AND adds some missing texture. Love it!

I know our room isn't exactly, "my inspiration space," but geez, it's like that song Christina Agaluira song, "What a girl wants, What a girl needs." I'm holding my lighter app up high in the air, as I sing this, so feel free to join in. j/k... or am I?
I don't know if any of you have noticed, but I added a new knock off to my space. I will be back next week to show you how to save 500 bucks and make your own wall decor!
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