May 28, 2013

➷ I'm Back!!! ➹

Hello, dearest bloggers! Oh, how I have missed you all! 

I have finished my first year of MBA school and the whole time I was itching to return to my blog! For those of you who have gotten an MBA, you know how awfully awesome getting your face kicked in by school can be! 
On the one hand, the kid in me was like, "Screw this! Blog! Blog! Blog!" 
On the other hand, the adult in me was like, "No time! Study! Study! Study!" So it's been a months since I've been able to say hello! 
None of you sweet ladies have any  idea how badly I wanted to do something, do anything, get out, and let all my pent up creativity out in a crazy project frenzy. Instead, my year was filled with long black skirts, tidy professional blouses, and math, math, math! 

I am sooooo... excited to see what's been going on and what this year has brought you. Please leave me links to your blogs or fav projects in the comments, so I can see what you've all been making!! 

Love yous guys! 
   ➸ xoxo ➸
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  1. Welcome back!! I just started a new DIY blog and I would love for you to follow me so that we can continue to share idaes.

    Looking forward to new posts,
    Sarah@ Naptime Nothings

  2. Welcome back! Here's a link to my blog if you feel like pokin' around.
    Looking forward to more posts from you. :)

  3. Welcome back :) Get to work lady! lol

  4. So glad you are back, Becca! Congrats on finishing your first year of your MBA! How exciting. ;)


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