August 16, 2012

✥ Succulents {Even Walmart Can Make Something Beautiful}✥

I could only think of one title for this post- I kept thinking about how even Walmart could sell something that would turn out beautiful!

I've been wanting to jump on the succulent train for awhile now- and just never seemed to have the time. Then Zack and I were grabbing some last minute camping stuffs and I saw these babies. I had this free vase/bowl thingy I got from my bro-in-law and thought it was perfect for these guys. 
I had some potting soil on hand because I planted herbs this year- which were, by the way, super fantastic! If any of you are condo/apartment dwellers and are on the fence about a pot garden- jump off that fence and come on over to the bright side! It was so easy and I loooved having them on hand. That is, they were on hand until Zack and I went on a spur-of-the-moment four week vacation!! I am certain everything was fried by the UT son ages ago.

OK- long detour, now back to the succulents.
I potted my cute little plants and thought they looked kinda lonely in there. So I threw in some polished stones {I think they were from a fish tank we had a zillion years ago??} 
and then called it a day!

 This is just part of my master plan to beautiful my honey oak horror kitchen by giving my eye some beautiful vignettes to look at instead. 
As a total PS- I think my landlord's wife reads my blog, so to her I say: thanks for reading and please don't be offended about my dislike for the kitchen cabinets!! {And wouldn't they look so totally rad and awesome painted white!?! ;-)
Hope the rest of you chicas are doing well!!


  1. Love the cute bowl! I think the river rocks add the perfect touch.

  2. I got all giddy when I saw your post -- I JUST bought 5 little succulents plants last weekend and plan to paint some clay pots (all west elm-like!) to plant them in this weekend! I just re-did my decor and have a hutch whose shelves are now empty since I was tired of what used to be there, so I thought I would try my hand growing succulents to display in my hutch, just to bring a lil (low-maintenance!) nature inside!

  3. I think succulents are so pretty I recently saw wedding bouquets that had some worked in and it was probably my favorite bouquet I've ever seen. I need to find myself some!

    rae gun ramblings

  4. Your little succulent garden is very pretty!

  5. Ha ha, smooth move with your landlord's wife... ;-) I haven't gotten around to plant succulents inside, but I really love them. I've got some really awesome ones outside though!


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