August 20, 2012

✥ Feature: Anthro-esque Girl's Bedroom ✥

Hello cute lady friends~ Hope you all had super awesome weekends! So far I'm surviving the 8-12 hour days in the MBA orientation- though I'd rather be blogging! Do you think I could get a bumper sticker that reads that?
Anyhow- I am pretty excited to start something new and see what the program brings. The peeps I'm in school with are rad so far and really diverse, so that's a lot of fun!

We are on week two of our children's room tours- and for all the fun anthro fans out there, I thought this room would be perfect. It comes from Danielle Oakey {Danielle Oakey Interiors}- another UT design blogger. It's her daughter's bedroom and it's been featured all over the dang place- in big blogs like Apartment Therapy!
Last week we saw an almost all-white space and talked about if that was a good fit for kids and, of course, I thought it was totally rad! Now let's check out another sophisticated children's space.

I totally heart the homemade art above the bed! I think it's another move that keeps the room young and playful, though I wouldn't mind a few of them in my home either!!
I am also in love with the homemade headboard- the shape and fabric choice were jut peeerfect!!
How much do you dig the bold black and white stripes along the wall? I am way to much a baby to make that happen in my home- but I do adore a strong graphic element in a room. It was a total "have no fear" decision and I think it paid off. Danielle made the awesome decision to use chalkboard paint for the stripes- and I think this helps keep the room young feeling. 
Look how much her darling daughter, Emory, enjoys it!!
I love how Danielle used a deer head from a craft store to create her own mounted bust for next to nothin. I have sent his copied time and again- but her's was the very first I saw! It was so creative!!'
Most of the items in the room were thrifted. I love this bookcase for kid's books, which so easily look messy and busy. A little out of sight and a great place for a few toys, too! Besides, you all know I'm a sucker for a globe! 
The furniture Danielle found she just painted to freshen the up and unify the look. I also liked how the bedside tables are different, but she painted them the same color and they're about the same size. I like this look so much better than the traditional matching set. I've been looking for some to do this to.

Thanks for stopping in today-what did you think of Danielle's daughter's space? Did anyone think it looked too old for a kiddo- or just right? As for me, I think it's a wonderful cohesion of spunk and color creating a sophisticated children's space--and I especially liked that it was unusual.