August 14, 2012

✥ Guest Post: Southern Lovely ✥

Hey friends! Today you can find me over at Southern Lovely. My lovely friend Lindsay is moving and I was thrilled to be asked to share a post over at her place today! 

And just because loved it, I thought I'd share a little project Lindsay posted the other day-a pinwheel party for her 6 year old daughter! Isn't it lovely? I think it turned out beautifully and was so unique. Isn't it the perfect follow up to Shelly's amazing little girl's room yesterday? I thought so. ;-)
I hope you'll stop by and say hi!


  1. Love your letter! Missed it the first time around so I'm glad you shared it a Lindsay's :)

    rae gun ramblings

  2. I love this tute Becca! Once I get settled in, I'll try to make one of these!! In 2 years, you'll have to make 3 more...spelling M.B.A. who-hooo!!!! :D

  3. What delightful pinwheels! I shall have to pop in to visit SL and see what you wrote. :)


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