August 13, 2012

✥ Feature: Dreamy Child's Bedroom ✥

I am super stoked to share a room from one of my favorite blogs! I may even have a blog crush on this one- I can't help it, I just LOVE everything Holly does. Her home is beautiful, she refinishes furniture and she has great style- in clothes and decor. If you don't know her blog already- this on one not to miss. I promise!

This feature is kicking off 4 weeks of children's rooms features. I know a ton of you gals have kiddos, so I thought I should include some kiddo inspiration in these features!!

This is the room Holly put together for her daughter, Wren.  These pics share the blank slate she started with. 

And here is the dramatic after!!
Doesn't it look so dreamy and soft?!?

Holly said that Wren's bedding created the color scheme for the room- meaning soft creamy whites and every shade of blue was welcome! 

Holly painted this old waterfall dresser/changing table herself. Of course we all love the enamel numbers she added to the front. 

I love the whimsy the colorful blue poofs add to the room! I think it reminds you it's a kid's space and to have some fun in there.

The antique cabinet is a real stand out piece and was store bought rather than repainted. I don't know if I would have seen it and had this vision in mind- but now I think it makes the space. Seems like a very expensive nursery- right?

What do you guys think? Too white for a kiddo's room? I have to side with Holly- in that children come with a ton of colorful accessories, toys, books and clothes- this is a perfect backdrop for all of that. Such a lovely space- not unlike the rest of her home- you should stop over and check out one of my all time favorite blogs! Make sure to tour her home renos page and don't miss Wren's new big girl room {I loooove her bed!}!