August 9, 2012

Vintage Index Card Recipe Box w/Printable Recipe Cards

Hey there, cute lady friends! I am reposting a little project I whipped up the other day for Cassie, when I guest posted at her place. If this is a repeat, then this is where you sign off, and I'll catch you on the flipside.
To the rest of ya, here's my latest dish, I found this vintage, metal index card box the other day while garage sal-ing. It cost me three beans and I had actually been on the lookout for this very item! So I snatched up my sweet score without even an attempt at bartering for this sweet treasure. I thanked my lucky stars it was so cheap. I've seen them on Etsy and Ebay, but for nothing less than $15.

I've wanted one to put my recipes in for ages and, now that I have one, I can walk towards the light with a sense of accomplishment. Like I came, I saw, I conquered- my work here is done, you know? 

Not too fast. What. About. The. Recipes? 
Instead of using old magazine tear-outs or scratch paper, {yeah, so maybe I had some of that going on before} I made my own recipe cards. For these, I used some vintage-y styled freeware graphics so the new cards would have a retro feel to go along with the retro filing drawer.

You can grab your own, if you want to. Just DRAG the recipe card onto your desktop and you can print your own. {Google Docs and I are currently not on speaking terms, as it keeps distorting my images- even the pdfs. So whatever!} Oh yeah, and printing them on cardstock is a good idea for stability and durability.
I know that was a super easy project, but you know what's not super easy? 
Copying all my old recipes onto my new cards! Dope! 

I don't do a ton of kitchen projects, {because my rental kitchen is where inspiration goes to die} but coincidentally, last week I made my own vanilla extract. Of course I made my own printable for that, too. If you missed that post, you are welcome to grab that one here
And that, folks, is all she wrote. 


  1. I love your file box! I just bought one for 5 at yard sale and it is a heavy dude. Thanks for the cards-I will print some off.

  2. Dear Becca! You are so funny!!!
    I had a smile on my face the whole time reading your post!!!
    I love the retro recipe box, it would go well in my kitchen!
    When you mentioned your rental kitchen... OMG I remembered a kitchen I had just like that! I even painted a sunny yellow even in the ceiling, HAHAHAHAHAHAAHA! And when I left had to pay a hefty amount from my deposit so they would paint it back rental beige, LOL! Hang on there, It took me MANY YEARS but I now have my own. YOU WILL, too! Thank you for the inspiration!

  3. LOVE this!!! I wonder how I missed this post?! Anyway, great score and love the cards!!!!


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