April 5, 2012

✥ "Spring Into Action" Challenge {week 1} ✥

Ooohhh! I am kind of excited and kind of nervous to post about this little collaboration today. You see, I was contacted by Linda from My Crafty Life about a Spring Into Action Challenge. She thought is would be the perfect excuse for us girls to tackle a project we had all been procrastinating. 
I must admit there are a few I need to get on- but because I can't wait to see how it turns out, I chose this one.
 It's the side tables in my living room- I have two of them. So there just cheap MDF tables, from Target originally and bought back in 2005 I think. I {fake} wood has a reddish tint in certain lights- that, honestly, drives me crazy!
Now this is no simple "paint a table" project.
Nope. My plans are pretty intense and, as a hint, I'll tell you I think they'll require several coats of paint and some stain will be involved too. Now you can see why I'm nervous- with so many steps involved I have no idea if they'll even turn out!!

The are 12 of us doing the challenge- the undaunted dozen. If you get the chance stop by and see what these other awesome girls are planning! I'm excited to see what everyone is planning.
Suzy – Saved by Suzy
Tiffany – Living Savvy
Cathy – Room Room Rx
Carrie – Hazardous Design
Sam – The Junk House

 Now the rule is- if my project super sucks, there can be NO judging! ;-) It is a bit ambitious, I'm not gonna lie!  {What if I fail miserably!} But you guys will hear an update from me next week. Then in 2 weeks- the big reveal!
What have you guys been working on- or rather what have you guys been putting off?!