April 5, 2012

✥ "Spring Into Action" Challenge {week 1} ✥

Ooohhh! I am kind of excited and kind of nervous to post about this little collaboration today. You see, I was contacted by Linda from My Crafty Life about a Spring Into Action Challenge. She thought is would be the perfect excuse for us girls to tackle a project we had all been procrastinating. 
I must admit there are a few I need to get on- but because I can't wait to see how it turns out, I chose this one.
 It's the side tables in my living room- I have two of them. So there just cheap MDF tables, from Target originally and bought back in 2005 I think. I {fake} wood has a reddish tint in certain lights- that, honestly, drives me crazy!
Now this is no simple "paint a table" project.
Nope. My plans are pretty intense and, as a hint, I'll tell you I think they'll require several coats of paint and some stain will be involved too. Now you can see why I'm nervous- with so many steps involved I have no idea if they'll even turn out!!

The are 12 of us doing the challenge- the undaunted dozen. If you get the chance stop by and see what these other awesome girls are planning! I'm excited to see what everyone is planning.
Suzy – Saved by Suzy
Tiffany – Living Savvy
Cathy – Room Room Rx
Carrie – Hazardous Design
Sam – The Junk House

 Now the rule is- if my project super sucks, there can be NO judging! ;-) It is a bit ambitious, I'm not gonna lie!  {What if I fail miserably!} But you guys will hear an update from me next week. Then in 2 weeks- the big reveal!
What have you guys been working on- or rather what have you guys been putting off?!


  1. Oh, this sounds like a fun challenge! Can't wait to see how it turns out!

  2. This is good, I have two night tables that need inspiration. By the way, whose Judy?...is she playing too?

  3. This is going to be fun to watch! will pop over to the others girls today. Have fun!

    Cindy Sue

  4. Sounds interesting! Can't wait to see what this involves!

  5. Becca, looks like a great project! You'll do great, you won't fail..lots of DIY help out there..good luck, have a great weekend.

  6. Can't wait to see the final product!! and I love that turquoise clock... so tempted to paint mine now.

    so many projects, so little time!


    Happy Easter Becca!

  7. this is such a fun idea! i can't wait to see the tables done and i know, knowing you, they will be great!

  8. This will be an amazing transformation and I am sure you will do a fabulous job. You will not fail, Becca!

  9. This is exciting! I love the drama on what technic you will chose!

  10. Sounds like a fun challenge. You've got me quite intrigued with your project hints!

  11. Now I'm intrigued! I'm sure your tables will turn out great!

  12. Okay....you had me at "intense plans" and layers of paint and stain. I know whatever you create will be amazing :)

    I can't wait to see.

    PS The graphic for your button is so fun.

  13. I need to find some end tables to dress up for our living room too... Good luck!! :)

  14. I'm so intrigued to see what you have planned for those tables! I can't wait to see them!

  15. I love it when you link up with others! It usually adds more to my Google Reader.

    I've been putting off packing - I'm moving from my teeny studio downstairs so I'll have my own "visiting space" ha. I'll tell you more about it next week when we go to IKEA!!

  16. Oooh, this sounds interesting! Taking Target tables and giving them an upgrade, can't wait to see the end result.


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