April 4, 2012

Burlap and Ruffles Union Jack Pillow

I almost forgot about this little DIY pillow cover post I shared at Cherished Treasures a few weeks back. So here ya go- in case you missed it! {and if you already saw it- eek! sorry to be repetitive!}

I saw this super, duper cute pillow from darling Aimee at Twigg Studios and I knew I had to make my own! Well, I love most of the pillows she makes- but since  I don't sew, this was the only one I thought I could make! Haha!

I made a no-sew pillow using a down pillow that had seen better days and this no-sew pillow tut from the hilarious Cassie. Since it's basically ironing and cutting, even I could handle it!! The key was the Peel n Stick fabric fuse. It works like a charm and made the pillow so easy to make!

For the cute little ruffles I followed Aimee's tutorial. Just cut strips of cream flannel, which incidentally I had on hand- lucky coincidence. Then I wrote out the union jack pattern with chalk {just like she said to.}

Then I went rogue!! Aimee stitched her ruffles on and I {had to} use a glue gun to attach the mine.  I am crazy amazed at how awesome the glue is holding. I wanted to move one of the ruffles over and you couldn't get it off if you tried. Well actually, I mean, I did try and it wouldn't budge!
Isn't the pillow charming!? I think it makes the perfect textural addition to the little sitting area in my bedroom. I love how burlap adds an earthy feeling, grounding my silk curtain panels.
I'm sure this new addition will make the 5 whole minutes I get to sit down there and read that much more enjoyable!!

Do you have any special spots for reading? Little nooks you creep away to  for a few minutes to yourself?

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