April 9, 2012

✥ Reader Feater: Romantic Bedroom Reveal ✥

 I hope you all had a super wonderful Easter holiday!  I ate myself sick on Cadbury eggs and Lindt truffles- now I need to get to the gym! Eek!

Today one of my bloggy friends, Katie, has agreed to share her bedroom with us! She's a crafty mommy of 5 and blogs at Creatively Living. {Where does she find the time!?!}
Katie focuses on making regular old thrifted or plain looking items into fabulous home decor. She also shares room makeovers, like her bedroom, done on for next to nothing. Now that's a talent. I also make it a point to link up at her: Tell it to Me Tuesday PARTY!!


To a tour of my newly renovated bedroom. 
I've tried for the life of me to find some before pictures, but I painted this bedroom 4 yrs ago, before I blogged, and although we found pictures of the rest of the house pre-reno, I guess the bedroom didn't get photographed much. (Although I distinctly remember seeing a picture of a kid in a playpen in the room....so I'll keep looking.) 

Anyways, it was (no joke) sponge painted a mint green and sky blue...and when I say sky blue...it couldn't have been BLUER! Even the window trim and baseboards were sky blue..and the ceiling! The vanity area and the bathroom were a dark brown and light brown that were also sponge painted on and it also had a sand castle boarder.....so as you'll see, this is quite a change.

I've had the room painted for 4 yrs (only because the bright blue/green sponge paint job was somewhat difficult to sleep with every night), but I had literally lived with the window seals 1/2 painted, 1/2 finished everything, tape still on, and huge gaps where the previous owners had taken off the quarter round for carpet, for four years! It's funny how we put our bedrooms off! Then a couple challenges came along (Imagine the Impossibilities and the First Project of 2012, which you can see at the bottom of the post) and I thought, yep, I better finish up that bedroom!

The 1st year, I took the carpet out and re-did the wood floors myself, and painted.
2nd year I found some of this bedding and added the chandelier. The tables I also found, but redid them last week. You can see that here. 

This is my favorite wall. I started this gold frame picture collage last summer, but didn't have any matting, frames painted, or pictures in it until the last 2 weeks. I LOVE it!!!
The fire place was a Christmas present to ourselves 2 years ago (Costco). I LOVE it also. It and the lamp shades are the only things in the room not found either 90% off, from Craigslist the Goodwill or a yard sale. 

 This is the most cozy place in my world. I get up, before the kids with a cup of coffee, that cozy throw and my bible. I have that light and the fireplace on and sit and do my devotions, and then get on blogs.....I could stay there forever! It's pure awesomeness! 

I recovered the chair and made the pillows last week also (told you it has been a crazy week!). Tutorial on my tassel edged and the Union Jack inspired pillows to come!

This is my bed. Everything in the room is a Goodwill find, a Craigslist find, a yard sale find, or on super clearance at Walmart. I honestly think the lamp shades and the fireplace are the only exceptions. You can find a run down of where I acquired just about everything in this picture here.  Don't you just love the owl pictures from the GW. They have names written underneath...Winky and Blinky! lol

Another bed picture.

So, you've seen one side of the room. If you turn you'll see the vanity area, walk-in closet and a teeny, tiny bathroom. This house is a 1948 ranch. If you google Alphabet houses in Richland WA. You can read about how the entire town was built by the government in four years for the Manhatten Project (to build the Atomic Bomb).  It's incredible history. The original owners took one of the upstairs bedrooms (you know those tiny bedrooms in old houses that aren't really even bedrooms) and turned it into this vanity/walk-in-closet/bathroom area. GREAT idea!

Here's one more bed shot from the hallway.

My little plant and recovered books.

This is my Junk Art Wall. You can read about it Here. I found both the mattress wall art and the table below it along side the road. 

Pictures of my husband and I, my kids and my grandma on her wedding day.

This area I do have before pics of.....somewhere. I'll have to find them, but I'm excited, so I'm posting this without them. This was the wooden light fixture box, wooden 3 hinged mirror, and dual brown sponge painted area....with the sand castle boarder :)   Can you believe I found these mirrors for $3.95 each at Lowes when I lived in HI??!!  They must have priced them wrong. I bought ALL of them (I think there were 6 left at the time), sold some, and have hauled these around for 4 years lol! Now they look great in their new home. 
I'll do a tutorial on how I refinished the cabinets later. 

My little grouping of things from yard sales/ GW. The middle one is candle sticks stuck together. 

You can see I how I made my Junk to Jewelry holder here.  

My DIY wall art out of clearance picture frames that I made last week. You can see the tutorial here. 

So, I'm soooo excited to have this finished! I'm glad that I had some good "challenges" to link up to, in order to keep me going!  Thanks for stopping by on my room tour!


Hasn't Katie done an awesome job on this master suite? I have to keep telling myself- one day I won't have my elliptical next to my bed- and then I can have a pretty bedroom too! ;-) I love her chandelier- I mean, LOVE it!!
A few of my all time favorites from Katie-
 How about chalkboard backed kitchen cabinets? Yes, please! A bold move- but it paid off. I love how the black walls make the items pop!
And this oh-so-sweet nursery!
Do you see the reflection of yet another chandelier? I am dying right now!! I've wanted a over-the-bed chandy for over my grown up bed for ages- am I having infant jealousy? Haha!

[PS] I feature YOU GUYS  {my readers} every Monday! Do you have a room makeover- or maybe have a home tour you'd like to share? 
Drop me a email or shoot me a link. Let's see if we can work it out!!  xoxo