April 12, 2012

✥ "Spring into Action" Challenge {Week 2} ✥

Ughhhhhh! Did I at some point in time claim to be undaunted by this project? Because if I did, ahem, that would be false advertising. This project is kicking my trash up one side and down the other! 
Can I just say how bad I such at glazing or faux finishing or whatever you want to call it. I mean, like seriously. I thought {like a faithful kindergartner} I could pull it off if I really, really tried my hardest - but in fact, it just means I try and then it sucks, and then I start over, then that sucks.  
OK- well this post is supposed to be an update- not a RANT! So as an update- I can say I needed a primed table and I needed a table painted black. I thought to myself, self- why don't you make some black chalk paint and skip a step? I bought some off the shelf black flat paint and mixed my own chalk paint- tutorial and recipe here. The chalk paint worked great on the MDF- just like peeps say it will- though I was always a little scared excited to try it.

Unfortunately that's where the easy stuff ended. I actually thought more than once {and may not have completely given up on the idea} of scrapping this table makeover and making a new one from scratch. 
I guess we'll see what I end up with next week! Not even I know!
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Wish me luck...I'm afraid I'm gonna need it! Oh yeah, and I'll be back later today with this week's project! {Yay, something that turned out!}