April 12, 2012

✥ "Spring into Action" Challenge {Week 2} ✥

Ughhhhhh! Did I at some point in time claim to be undaunted by this project? Because if I did, ahem, that would be false advertising. This project is kicking my trash up one side and down the other! 
Can I just say how bad I such at glazing or faux finishing or whatever you want to call it. I mean, like seriously. I thought {like a faithful kindergartner} I could pull it off if I really, really tried my hardest - but in fact, it just means I try and then it sucks, and then I start over, then that sucks.  
OK- well this post is supposed to be an update- not a RANT! So as an update- I can say I needed a primed table and I needed a table painted black. I thought to myself, self- why don't you make some black chalk paint and skip a step? I bought some off the shelf black flat paint and mixed my own chalk paint- tutorial and recipe here. The chalk paint worked great on the MDF- just like peeps say it will- though I was always a little scared excited to try it.

Unfortunately that's where the easy stuff ended. I actually thought more than once {and may not have completely given up on the idea} of scrapping this table makeover and making a new one from scratch. 
I guess we'll see what I end up with next week! Not even I know!
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Wish me luck...I'm afraid I'm gonna need it! Oh yeah, and I'll be back later today with this week's project! {Yay, something that turned out!}


  1. I'm not doing that well, either. Mine might be a post about...when in doubt, throw it out?

  2. I think there are a couple of us requiring luck for next week Becca! I have no doubt you will salvage something great from all of this!

  3. Becca - I made no progress - at least you had an attempt! Can't wait to see what happens next week.

  4. Good luck Becca! Keep plugging away!

  5. Go for it! It's only paint. (my favorite saying)

  6. As Jean said,Its only paint. Keep at it I'm sure it will turn out.

  7. You will get it done! I might be the only one not using paint in this project - yet - so I must give high praise to those of you who are. Impressive that you make your own chalk paint.

  8. I agree with Jean, it's only paint! You can always start from scratch if you need to. I really want to try the chalk paint recipe. I've seen a couple people use it with good results.

  9. HA! Well if you do make a new table that would be pretty amazing in a week! Like the idea of it being black though!

  10. I found this painting technique on Pinterest. The finished product looked pretty dang good.



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