November 10, 2011

Gallery Wall + Tutes & Tips

It's done!!! Was this the longest gallery wall transformation in the history of all gallery walls or what? How did I do the wall, you might ask? Well, thanks for the inquiry. Let's see, first I purchased the frames in 1 fowl {fowl or foul? I can never tell} swoop, from Ikea. They're mostly the famous Ribba with a few dark brown Fjallsta frames thrown in for contrast. Total, they cost less than $80.

Gallery walls are super popular  now {or maybe they always were?}-but the whole reason I did mine was this annoying thermostat. There it is, right in the middle of the wall. One big eye sore right there at eye level. I mean right smack dab in the middle of the wall, right where you may want to hang a large mirror with a wreath on it. Hmmf. No getting around that sucker. So instead of being angry at thermie, I embraced my thermie. I became one with it. You hear that? Embrace your thermies, people!
Planning the layout was rather arduous. First, I had to lay out all the frames on the sales floor at Ikea. Couldn't really tell which ones would work so I convinced my handsome husband we "needed them all". With a shrug and a hug, the frames were in the car {snug}!

Next I used this fantastic wall tutorial on Pinterest? Have you any of you checked this out? If you haven't, you should! It uses wax paper to help line up the frames and keep track of where the nails should be placed. So, I used that.

Well, no that's a lie- I saw the tip way after I started my wall. But I would use that, if I did one again! And you guys probably should!
I used the butcher paper you get free from Ikea -you know, the paper they let you take to protect your  breakables? Yeah? So I used that stuff to cut out out squares correlating with the frame sizes.
 Next, I hung those cutout papers on my wall. This makes it super easy to mark where the nail hole should be right on the paper. Go ahead and hammer the nail right through the paper, it's easy.
I don't know about you- but trying to hang a bunch of frames straight & level horizontal lines is one of my least favorite things to do. So the papers are worth the extra effort.

 Once I'm all hung up, I use a level and some mounting putty to make sure none of the frames will shift when people walk by or if when you dust, hee, hee. Mounting putty is like 2 bucks, a little goes a long way, and it's reusable.

Ta da! All the "art' was handmade and I blogged tutorials for each of them. So if you are curious, feel free to check out my many, many projects. I was able to incorporate personal details for the hubs and for me, that makes all the difference. One of the many reasons I love DIY! Plus, I find that when I DIY, I AMSWM {Appreciate My Stuff Way More};-)

So here's the tally:
Apiary Sign made from salvaged wood, using a transfer technique-$0

Wood Grain Initial Blocks-$0  
 Typography Photo Art-$3.10 @Costco
Of course a frame for my arch nemesis new friend, Thermie.

 Ampersand-$3 @Hobby Lobby
Rhino Map Art- $0
Happy Therm-y - Priceless 

I love how the frames are mostly white, but the infusion of dark frames keeps your eye moving.
I hate to say it, but just as I finished the wall I began thinking of switching out a piece or two and making some new art! {Don 't tell Zack!}  

Grand total for the project- $90.
If I had used frames I already owned, then the total would have been less than 10 bucks!!!
 Great totals for my frugal friends who're planning the same projects. Right?

Have you guys been working on a gallery wall, lately? Has anyone used any of these art ideas? I wanna see'em!!

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