November 14, 2011

✥ Reader Feature: Storage Solution {Painted & Thrifty!} ✥

It's Monday ya'll, you know what that means- I'm bringing in the talent!

Today we're meeting Lindsay from Southern Lovely. She has a darling, crafty blog and hosts a weekly "Show and Share" on Wednesdays. A great place to show off your own projects and gets on inspiration from others. The best part of her blog is Lindsay herself, she is a total'll see.

Hello friend's of Becca's lovely blog, I am really excited to be here today! I'm Lindsay, and I blog over at Southern Lovely. I love creating beautiful things for less. Which means I am usually deep into a DIY, sewing project, painting project, anything that I can be creative with. I am also a busy mom of three little ones--who limit my crafting time quite a bit. Late nights is usually when I do my best work. :)
Today I am going to share a very inexpensive idea for creating extra space-- We needed more storage in our baby boy's room, but had to be creative where to put it. Right under the crib became the perfect place for something, just had to figure out what to use. I looked at different bins to purchase, but they all seemed a bit much, especially when buying multiple ones. I figured I could surely make something less expensive, and I that's just what I did. Started with three $1 buckets from the Dollar Tree Spray painted them--you have to do multiple coats to get it just right. There is a spray paint for plastic, which I tried, I just didn't love the color (there's not much selection). I ended up using my favorite green--Valspar New Avocado. Add some fabric--found mine at Walmart. I started by gluing the outer brim of the bucket with the fabric, then worked my way in. It took a lot of glue & cutting to get it to look pretty good. I cut a circle piece for the center of the bucket, then glued it down. It helped to make everything look smooth & more complete. Sorry I don't have a better explanation for how I did it. And I'm sure there is probably a better way of getting the fabric in there. This worked for me though. :) Lastly, added the vinyl numbers to each bucket, because I just love labeling things. :)
  I am really happy with how these little inexpensive buckets turned out!

Thanks again for having me! Feel free to stop by my place sometime & say hi!


See, isn't Lindsay the awesome?
I love the zillions of applications for this little bucket makeover. Now you can buy the size and shape bucket you want and not think twice about it's actual color.
 Such a great idea for organizing your crafting or painting supplies, laundry room items, winter mittens and gloves, kids' toys, schools supplies...there are endless options!


  1. Hi Becca and Lindsay:) I love the bins, very clever use of space. I perhaps need to put some under my daughter's crib...its a hiding place as of right now for all sorts of things.

  2. Thank you so much for having me over here today Becca, very exciting! It's an honor, since I adore your blog. :)

  3. I have to admit, this is a pretty smart idea. I so need some serious storage solutions... maybe spray painted tubs would stop me looking around for that perfect wicker basket that, let's face it, I'm never going to find at a price I can afford.

  4. I love it, too! It looks supernice with the matching fabric for the green bins. If you can sew it would be clever to sew a "bag" and then put it in the bin (imposing it over the rim of the bin), because then it would be possible to throw them in the washing machine every once in a while. Thanks for sharing this cool project!


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