May 4, 2011

That's not the Toilet

 I had a special house guest coming into town last weekend, it's my grandma. I was doing a deep clean to get the guest bath ready and realized I was out of tub and tile cleaner. I was left with a few options. I could use Pine Sol (yeah right), Comet or Lysol toilet cleaner.

Just contemplating using comet brought up horrible childhood memories of me trying to work up a lather with that gritty cleaner trying to please an OCD parent (obviously an impossible task). No surprise at all that I squirted the toilet cleaner all over the tub and shower surround with out concern or regard for negative consequences.

The water here in UT is so hard. I am constantly fighting hard water stains. But they have finally met their match! The toilet cleaner cut through everything and didn't require scrubbing just wiping the tub down was enough. It saved me some serious time and the results are great. Who knows if it should be used on all different types of surfaces but it was awesome on my tub!

Hope you're all having a good week!
I know I am!!
- Becca -


  1. I Love Comet....but it can be difficult to rinse!
    Having a Grandma is very special, I know she appreciated the clean bathroom!

  2. Just discovered your blog!

    I'll have to try the Lysol cleaner here. In NC, all the fixtures get a coating of red silt from the famous red clay. We have city provided water and it still happens.

    There are plenty of cleaners out there that work double (or triple!) duty. A favorite if mine is "Simple Green" the automotive de-greaser. It's biodegradable and smells pretty good. You can wash windows with it, clean the floor, de-smell towels that the kitty has decided to barf on (I have 4 cats...I could start a museum dedicated to hairballs).


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