May 5, 2011

A "Home" Tour

So maybe this isn't the typical home tour, but on Z and my last trip to Cali we were able to go to Alcatraz.


Alcatraz was a home of sorts to tons of people!

Besides, you wouldn't believe the strange beauty found on the deserted little island.

Warning- this is an image HEAVY post.

If you've made it through to the end- well, bravo!

Isn't there something hauntingly beautiful about these old prison walls?

- Becca -

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  1. We went to Alcatraz last year. And we all absolutely LOVED it! Yes! It is beautiful! Just getting there is breathtaking, and then you start walking up the hill and the views and the sights are amazing. I am with you, we have hundreds of beautiful pics from Alcatraz! And there were some things that I would have gladly taken home with me...yes from inside a prison! They were shabby and vintage and original! What's not to love?


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