May 18, 2011

Spray Grip Goodness

In my last post I mentioned I was desperately hoping to have at least one of the lamps I have stashed finished for Mandi's lamp linky party- but the weather completely foiled my plans. I have to spray paint outside and it has been big time WINDY and RAINY.  Bummer.

So instead I have a recent find for you all that you'll LOVE.

So, if I ruled the world my first official decree would be the gift of one new spray grip for everyone!!

OK, maybe not actually- 
but it's so fantastic it's understandable why I would say such a thing!

No longer must we always pay 7 bucks for the spray paint with the trigger sprayer- now we can spend 3.43 for the regular stuff and attach our 2.50 Spray Grip Goodness to it.
The spray grip is, in fact, goodness. It clips onto most bottles of spray paint and then allows you to adjust the amount of pressure you're apply using your whole hand and not just your index finger. I was able to lacquer like never before!

So just in case you were wondering if you should drop the 2+ bucks, and you don't have a Z Berger standing by to tell you that your index finger is worth it- then allow me to be your Z Berger and say to you-


- Becca -


  1. I have one too! And, yes, your finger is thankful.. :)

  2. I have this and absolutely love it! Best $2.50 ever!


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