May 20, 2011

DIY Pottery Barn Silver Seashells

Finally a small break in the rain to do a little spray painting- I was REALLY hoping it would last longer and I could end this project drought...but no such luck. I only had time to spray this one.
In the mood for silver seashells anyone?

After lusting after looking at some from Pottery Barn I did a little searching around and it seems they are quite popular.

And mine:

Prices range from $20 for 4 or  $345 for 6 {silver plated}!

I experimented with a few techniques for silvering my own seashells.
I tried acrylic paint, "Rub n Buff" and Enamel Craft Paint.

I wanted a highly reflective silver and one that didn't have a lot of black in it, like in my PB inspiration.

Based on these criteria I settled on Krylon's Chrome as a far and away favorite.

For now I put a bunch of them in a large mason jar in the bathroom. There' s no bathroom window, so this is with a flash...but the other pics show the color better.

This was the bathroom before it's makeover- you can check out how it looks now right here.

I'm pretty happy with the result, I think it looks pretty darn close to the original. I hope you all are having better project weather than I am! 

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- Becca -

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