May 31, 2011

Perfecting Nail Head Trim

I don't know if you all noticed, but some of trim was crooked on my headboard.

I bothered me- a lot. Pretty much kept me from loving the project 100 percent. But it IS totally fixable, that is if Joann's would keep their trim stocked!!! I bought trim for the THIRD time to get this project perfect.

Here is my before-remember my excitement with the finally, finally finished headboard?
Well, day after day, these areas were all I could focus on.
 Thankfully, fixing it is not all that difficult.

To fix the trim what you want to do is grab the nail head with you needle nose pliers like this:

See how I'm holding the pliers on top of the strip- so the tips of the pliers are NOT touching the fabric? This is key to protecting it from damage. You can actually pull or wiggle out the nail heads but the top of the nail will probably be damaged. Can you see it on this photo?
So after the tacks that were securing the crooked portion of your line are pulled out will will be able to move the strip into the correct place. To do this push down with the foam and fabric in one hand and move the trim to where it needs to be then secure it with new nail heads.

Easy fix and it looks so much better!

Too bad I was too lazy to make my bed and take all the pics over. Aah!
At least it's finally finished....for real this time!

Thanks for taking a look!
 - Becca -

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