June 3, 2011

Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

Last week I shared with you guys this pic and my tutorial on these Pottery Barn inspired silver shells.
Since the jars are the dominant counter top design I thought I'd add another jar, turned into a soap dispenser.
This project was a breeze. 
You NEED a jar with ring and a lid, a sharp cutting tool and a pump.
You may want epoxy too.
First cut the plastic bottle around the top, making sure not to damage the ribbed potion the pump twists onto.  See down there?☟
Then trace the circumference of the ribbed portion onto the metal top. Use a sharp cutting tool to cut out the circle- I used an Exacto knife. Then I used a drill with a metal tip to smooth out the edges.
This step is optional- but I had the needed tool (the bit), so why not?

You want the two pieces to be a pretty tight fit. I really had to push it into place. At this point you can decided if you need it to be water proof, i.e. leak proof. If this is a concern for you, like maybe there are little ones on the home, then use epoxy to seal the two pieces together. Wait the prescribed drying time and you've done it!
This took me about 10 minutes and zero dollars! Gotta love that!!
- Becca -
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