March 22, 2011

Dollar, Dollar Bill-Yo

Well, you may have  noticed that I am looking for new couches. But the search has lead me in a direction I wasn't really planning on. I think I am moving away from the color scheme of warm tans and greens that we've had for the last 6+ years and moving towards a more modern pallette.

I think I want to incorporate greys- in the form of draperies and a sectional. With more vibrant pops of color. I do love the muted and calming colors I have had in the past, but think The Bergs may be in need of a change. Pops of bright yellow or turquoise maybe?

Have you seen

I browsed through some of their mood boards and focused in on the ones that draw me in.
You know how you just respond to some colors?

I like how gray is the new tan. It seems like a more sophisticated  neutral pallette.
I like the bright green, but can't seem to shake the idea of yellow and gray.

And can you believe this turquoise? I'm not sure if I'm brave enough to do it.

So the next step is the budget and of course lots and lots of internet browsing.  Since this make over is going to cost more than I had originally thought I had to come up with a way to fund my makeover. I finally decided to sell some of our older stuff. We are terrible at actually getting old items listed  and sold. Now that my motivation is a new living room this is a different story.

I've listed almost $2000 worth of stuff we DO NOT USE on a local website (KSL Classifieds)  and have already made $180 on my Blackberry, $35 on a framed backpack, and $135 on ammo Z didn't like.

I think I'm in love with this process. It is totally worth the time and I make way more than if we'd had a yard sale! Yes!

By the by- Remember the couch I was inspired by? I saw one in the same shape when I was at Ikea this week.  It also comes in a great blue-grey.

All in all, I'm looking for  a couch, chair(s), lamps, curtains, coffee table or some alternative and probably some new accessories.

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