March 24, 2011

Remove Water Stain from Wood

One of the only things I like more than finding a good deal is making making something I already have better.

Or in this case fixing a blemish. We have a dark wood table that got a nasty white heat stains from a very hot pot of Grandma's famous spaghetti sauce. I didn't even realize this could happen, but wasn't too worried when I saw it because I figured Murphy's Tinted Oil would fix it right up.

There is a glare that makes the damage look worse than it is. Thank goodness.

It did lighten the mark- or rather darken the mark a little. But you could still see it. Then I was blog hopping and ran across someone with the same problem. (although I didn't mark whose blog it was- whoops) She said to place a cloth on the table and then apply an iron on top of the cloth over the affected area. It could take between 2-5 minutes for the spot to disappear.

Looks pretty great right? It only took my table about two minutes to get rid of the mark. I did it for about a minute then checked it and then checked after again at thirty second intervals- just in case!

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